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updated: Sep 20, 2022

Quality Badge is an exclusive proof of the top-notch customer service. It’s granted only to customers with the highest chat satisfaction rate based on the last month data. Check whether you have your own badge.

LiveChat Quality Badges

The Badge links to company’s Quality Page where more information is shown.

Who can get the quality badge?Link icon

Badges are granted to LiveChat paid customers who’ve had at least 70% chat satisfaction and more than 10 rated chats in the last month. They are issued at the beginning of each month (up to the 5th of each month).

Please note that you can’t have the badge if you’re on a free LiveChat trial. Also, if you subscribe to LiveChat in the middle of the month, the badge will be generated at the beginning of the next month.

Badges can be granted either for the entire license or per group. The Badge links to the license’s Quality Page in the former case, and to the group’s Quality Page in the latter.

How to implement it on your page.Link icon

Implementing Quality Badge is easy as 1-2-3.

LiveChat Quality Page

  1. Visit Settings > Manage apps > Quality Page & Badge.
  2. Choose a group for which you want to get the Badge (optional).
  3. Select the theme and size you like.
  4. Copy and Paste the generated code onto your website.

If you see the following message instead of the Badge code:

LiveChat Quality Page

it means you need to work a bit harder on your customer service, so at the beginning of the next month, you’ll get your own Badge. Fingers crossed!

Where to put the badge?Link icon

It’s up to you where the badge will appear. The only requirement is to put the badge in the tag of your website.

To get the most of the badge, make sure it’s visible on your website. We recommend placing the badge in your footer and on pages dedicated to your customer support.

Here is a few examples of how our customers implemented quality badge (some of them are their own solutions that might require tech skills):

Types of BadgesLink icon

There is one Badge template in a few different flavors (theme, size and number of stars).

Based on your chat satisfaction, you can get:

  • 5 stars, when your chat satisfaction exceeds 91%.
  • 4.5 stars, when your chat satisfaction is between 81%-90%.
  • 4 stars, when your chat satisfaction is between 70%-80%.

You can choose dark, light or transparent light/dark theme in small (160*92 px), medium (208*120 px) or large (256*148 px) size.

LiveChat Quality Badge customization

Last but not least, the Badge has been translated into 42 languages. The language of the Badge matches the chat window language setup for the license/group.

Retaining the Quality BadgeLink icon

As the chat satisfaction varies from month to month, we set up a few rules to make sure everything will be displayed correctly.

If you’ve kept your chat satisfaction steady, new Badge with new timestamp will automatically appear on your page.

If your chat satisfaction dropped, but still exceed 70%, a new Badge with new timestamp and new star rating will appear on your website.

If you had a Quality Badge and your chat satisfaction dropped below the minimum 70%, the current badge will remain.

If your license will expire, the Quality Badge will disappear.

Admins and Owners will be notified about any Quality Badge change via notifications in the LiveChat application.

Feature roadmapLink icon

The Badges are meant to help you show off your awesome customer service and convince your customers that you can be trusted. To make this feature more visually compelling and customizable, we’re working on:

  • Adding smaller badge to the chat window.

If you have any suggestions or feedback – feel free to drop a line to our support or via email.

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