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Freshdesk: transcripts and support emails as tickets

Daniel Zielinski
2 min read
updated: Nov 7, 2023

Integrate LiveChat with Freshdesk to push chat transcripts and support emails into Freshdesk. That keeps all your customer insights collected together, extending your customer service capability to manage customer requests.

This integration will make the following possible:

To make the integration work you will need to locate your Freshdesk support email address. To do that, sign into Freshdesk and navigate to Admin > Email.

Freshdesk support email address

Forwarding support emails as tickets to FreshdeskLink icon

  1. Log into your LiveChat account and go to Settings>Forms>Ticket form.
  2. Select Custom email address.
  3. Enter your support email address and Save Changes .

Custom email forwarding in LiveChat

Logging chat transcripts as tickets in FreshdeskLink icon

  1. Within the LiveChat admin panel and go to Seetings>Chat settings> Transcript forwarding
  1. Paste your support email address as shown below.

Archives forwarding in LiveChat

  1. Click the Save changes button.

The ticket will be automatically logged in Freshdesk once the chat is complete. The email of the agent whose chat is forwarded will be set as the requester of the Freshdesk ticket.

The forwarded transcript also includes private messages sent by agents in the chat.
The forwarded transcript also includes private messages sent by agents in the chat.

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