Website Speed


My question is about site speed when chat is active. I use a different chat at the moment and it adds 3 seconds to load time. Was wondering what i can expect from live chat. I have done a bit of testing and it looks about the same. Any information greatfully recieved.



Hi @danny,

When adding LiveChat script to your website, all the assets that loaded through it load asynchronously .

So whenever LiveChat performs an action on your website, like loading a chat window or sending pings , this action is handled by our servers.

Because of that LiveChat doesn’t directly affect the performance of your website or server.

If you want to learn more about the process, please read this article:

This is maybe due to a slow internet connection, check it at any internet speed checker.

“live chat is slowing down my website” is something we hear all the time.

Unfortunately this is due to Google’s site speed report showing parts of the javascript LiveChat (and other chat softwares) use as being unused at the time google crawls your site (from my understanding those “unused” parts come into play only once a chat is initiated - which Google doesn’t do when crawling your site).

One way we’ve been able to overcome this with some clients is by having a cookie opt-in overlay on the site and then triggering the live chat code to fire after someone clicks the cookie button. By doing this with the live chat code as well as other snippets/tools on the we’ve been able to drastically increase the site speed (in google’s eyes).

Here’s an example of what I mean in action: (notice how chat only appears after you hit the accept button)