Request: Add the ability to transfer to a specific agent in a group

This limitation is currently bothersome:

“Please note that, when transferring a chat to a group, it will be transferred to the first available agent in this group, based on our chat routing rule. You cannot choose the specific agent from the department to which the chat will be transferred.”

We’d like the ability to transfer to a specific agent in a group.


Right now there is no native option to transfer a chat to a certain Agent in the Group.

However we have a workaround for that. In the Group you want to transfer the chats to a certain Agent, change his priority to Primary and other Agents to Secondary. Then he/she will get the chats firstly after transfer. Please note that it will also affect the routing (robin rule), as all chats will firstly go to that Agent and will be redistributed to others when he/she reaches a concurrent chat limit.

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, we have sales rep partnerships amongst our businesses. So chat agent 1 in group A is partnered with agent 3 in group B and will always want to transfer to that specific agent. Or chat agent 2 in group A is partnered with agent 4 in group B. I don’t think the primary and secondary settings would help us.


LiveChat offers a transfer option between specific Agents only in Groups that both Agents are in. Other than that, Agent can transfer only to the Group he’s not in, not certain Agent.

You could create a Group per Agent for the second team. Then Agents from the First team would transfer to the Group that contains only one Agent, so that chats will go directly to the person they are paired with.


If I create separate groups for each agent, how can I have those agents support one URL. I can’t route a URL to two groups, can I? Or would I need 3 groups? One group to support the URL that includes the 2 agents and then 1 group for 1 agent and 1 group for the other agent.


If I understood your query properly, The First Team (lets call them Team 1) is the one that chats first, correct me if I’m wrong.

So on your website, on the pages that should be connected with your Sales Reps from the Team 1, you’ll need to install the Group for Team 1. At that point they’ll be the ones to answer the queries of your Customers first. Then if they’re job is done, and there’ll be the time for the Team 2 to come to do their job, proper Agent from Team 1 will transfer the chat to his/hers Partner in the Team 2, that has his/hers own Group (If you name the Groups after the only Agent that is in it, it will be much easier to manage).

The Group doesn’t have to be assigned with a URL rule for it to work as a transfer inbox.

As you already noticed, there can be only one Group assigned to one URL.

I hope, that this workaround would work for you. Right now as we’re preparing something new for our Customers, we will disscus your case further with our Dev Team.
Thanks a lot for your feedback and insight into LiveChat :slight_smile:


That workaround works for us. Thank you!