Live Chat API - Chatbot transfer to Live agent

Hi Team,

I’m creating chatbot using MS Bot Framework in c# and need to transfer chat to live agent where user can chat to live agent continuously until chat ends.

I’m able to post query to agent and getting back response also but how I can make this communication until chat ends. As of now once I get response from live agent my communication is over.

Could you please provide code/API to make it continuous conversation with live agent until chat ends.


Hello, @er.hari

It may be that we don’t fully understand your problem.

If the chat is active, the agent can keep sending the events in it -

If the chat was closed by either side or was deactivated due to inactivity, either Customer or Agent can use Activate Chat method -
once the chat has been activated by this method the events can be sent again

Tell me if it’s what you’ve been looking for – if not, try to describe the problem for us in another way. :slight_smile: