Chat widget and greetings in different language based on user Location


I can’t figure out how to set the chat widget and greetings messages in different languages based on user location.
I can change and translate the messages for the language selected, but if I save on a specific language, the widget on the site will open on that specific language.

I’d like to open the chat widget on the site in different language based on location (i.e. Italian if the user is browsing from Italy, Spanish if the user is browsing from Spain, English if the user is browsing elsewhere).

How can I accomplish this?

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How will you determine the language of your visitor in the implementation?
does url of the page vary for each language?
if it does - you will need to create a group for each language - here’s about how to create a group:

then you can modify a language for each group in this section:
(group can be chosen up top - other sections such as greetings, eye-catcher, theme are also per group so feel free to modify them to your needs)

and then assign groups accordingly to the pages based on url using url rules, here’s about how to use url rules:

an example of a rule you could use:

  • if page url contains “/en” → route chats to group “English”

if the url of the page does not vary in association with visitors language, you can also assign groups directly via LiveChat script - here’s an example of how to do that:

If you’d like to route to different groups based strictly on geolocation of an IP - that can also be done but it’s a bit more complex,
here’s an example of a script that checks visitor IP, consults it with a geolocation database and assigns group with ID “1” for visitors from India and group with ID “2” for everyone else.

if you have any doubts or additional questions, please let me know or contact our support team via chat on our website and we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

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