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Senior Web Developer

Full-time Remote

LiveChat is a fully remote product company. Our suite of tools (LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, KnowledgeBase) improves customer care and the online sales of over 32,000 companies from 150 countries worldwide.

We’re on a mission to remove barriers from communication, and we need your help as a Senior Web Developer on the Marketing team.

Core Values

Our business philosophy is strongly rooted in the way we operate. These values are shared by our whole team. In them, we look for purpose, motivation, and encouragement.

  • “Fight for every inch” mindset. We are still in startup mode! We prefer thinking over spending money.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate things, and focus on what really matters: high-quality results. Prioritize working smart with quick iterations.
  • Teamwork. Your work adds more value and leads to better results when combined with someone else’s work. Share your knowledge, and help one another.
  • Take ownership. Focus on releasing on time and delivering value to customers. Take ownership of your responsibilities. Avoid distractions.
  • Tell it how it is. Be direct and honest. Share your doubts openly. We only improve as a team with honest feedback.
  • Be creative. Use your imagination to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, forms, methods, and interpretations. Create a new status quo.
  • Learn from mistakes. Experiment. Only then can we evolve into a stronger company. At the same time, pay attention to your errors and share them with others.

You may learn more about our vision and mission from LiveChat’s Constitution.

Your Team

The Product Marketing team is a multidisciplinary crew of designers (graphic and motion), developers, marketers, and analytic minds. We’re responsible for the mechanics behind LiveChat’s marketing funnel (or flywheel, if you wish): our product websites, landing pages, email newsletters, lead generation tools, analytics, CRO, and A/B testing, etc. It takes two to tango, so we work very closely with the Product Team.

Our work happens in eight-week cycles. Every two months, we prioritize our tasks and pick objectives for the next iteration. We strive to shape our tasks before we assign them in order to avoid surprises. Marketing has to be agile though. Sometimes, unforeseen issues arise, but we try to account for that during planning.

We use Jira to track our tasks, Slack to communicate, Confluence for our long memory, and Figma as a place where the design happens and is handed off to devs. Github is the home for our code and code reviews.

The development squad inside Product Marketing consists of three people: Patrycja, Przemek, and Dawid (tech lead). You’ll be #4 (think Lando Norris or Jerry Sloan).

About the Role

Things you’ll do on a day-to-day basis:

  • Develop stellar product and landing pages. You’ll be paired with a designer, content writer, and marketer to delight our visitors and raise the bar of SaaS websites.
  • Code, set up, and send email marketing campaigns (like the November Monthly Newsletter for our existing customers).
  • Help content writers when they encounter any issues with the CMS. Gather additional feedback, and propose solutions that streamline their work.
  • Migrate website sections or complete websites to a new design and Jamstack architecture.
  • Create complete mini tools that promote our products in a non-direct way. Existing examples include the Typing Speed Test, Privacy Policy Generator, or Customer Service Report. Those are often self-contained, small apps and we reach for a frontend framework (React / Vue) to implement them.
  • Fix bugs (and introduce new ones along the way).
  • Improve the overall code quality and development process. This can range from tweaking our webpack config to visual regression tests introduction. Anything that will allow us to work better (faster stronger…).
  • Implement analytics events and measure conversion. Conduct A/B tests.
  • Track, analyze, and fix performance issues on our websites. Uncompressed image? Blocking script? Unused code? You’ll get them all.
  • Assist our SEO specialist with optimizing our websites to rank higher in search results. That can be an implementation of a self-canonical meta tag or the introduction of a new structured data schema.
  • Review the code of other team members. Share knowledge, and help them grow.
  • Provide honest feedback to project ideas, and discover potential challenges during the planning process.

When it comes to our tech stack, we use Hugo, Less, Stimulus.js, an internal design system inspired by TailwindCSS, GSAP, Netlify, NetlifyCMS, WordPress, and occasionally Vue and React. However, keep in mind that we are a small team that maintains an approach to pick the best tools for the job. Therefore, we value knowledge of general programming patterns more than one’s tool mastery.

About You

Indicators that you might be a good fit for this role:

  • You love the web: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are more than just technologies for you. You treat them as tools to express yourself, achieve business goals, and create value for others.
  • You have solid experience in building complex web properties.
  • You know the differences between web apps and websites, and their technical implications.
  • You stay up to date with new Web APIs and platform improvements.
  • You have excellent communication skills. You can speak both computer and human languages. Even if it takes some preparation, you can express your ideas, concerns, and ongoing project updates in a way that is clear, respectful, and relevant to others. That includes your non-technical colleagues.
  • You have an eye for great design. You are an engineer at heart, but you can appreciate visual works.
  • You are results oriented.
  • You love learning and trying new things. You have strong opinions but they’re loosely held.
  • You have a good understanding of the SaaS business model as well as the related concepts like churn, retention, and so on.


After you’ve filled out the application form and attached your CV, the process is as follows:

  1. Interview with Paulina Sadzik, our Recruitment Specialist.
  2. We’ll ask you to complete a small test project.
  3. Interview with Szymon, our CMO, and Dawid, our Tech Lead.
  4. A casual chat with your future team colleagues
  5. The practice run with your trial day at LiveChat.

As we are a remote-first company, the process is also fully remote.


Come for:

  • A solid salary with all the government expenses covered. Any change in obligatory government fees is automatically adjusted in your salary.
  • Working from anywhere. We are remote-first neophytes, but it’s not temporary. We like it this way, and it has become permanent.
  • Top-notch equipment and software licenses that are necessary for your role.
  • A dedicated spot on our Team page that is waiting for you ;-)


  • Healthy. We cover a private healthcare plan for you.
  • Fit. We cover a Multisport (or equivalent) program for you so you can invest in your wellbeing.
  • Related. Each team has a recurring integration budget to spend on team-building activities, and each employee has a similar personal budget.
  • Comfortable. Do you live in Wroclaw or nearby and prefer to come to the office? You can join our pet-friendly coworking space any time you want.

Grow with:

  • Free access to Udemy and FrontendMasters courses.
  • Every book you’d ever need.
  • Ability to participate in the workshops and conferences of your choice.
  • Internal Side Project Days to provide you the time and space for your creativity and ideas to flourish.
  • LiveChat Academy, a common, company platform for sharing knowledge.

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