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Developer Advocate

Wrocław, Poland

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Developer Advocate


The Developer Program team currently consists of 10 members. Some of them share their personal why for working at LiveChat as well as their perspective on the role of Developer Advocate. Here are a few words from your future team members:

LiveChat is the very first place in my career where I’ve had a real impact on the direction of my professional development as well as the future of the LiveChat Platform. @Michal, Developer Relations

LiveChat is all about innovation and teamwork. We experience it every day, not only internally but also when cooperating with technological partners outside the organization. Add the right balance between work organization and the startup-like approach, and tada! 🎉 You’ve got the perfect combination. @Jakub, Product Manager

The role of Developer Advocate at the LiveChat Platform is a unique chance to combine technical expertise with soft communication skills. If you easily get excited about the potential technology unlocks, this is a perfect environment for you to thrive in. @Filip, Platform Manager

About the role:

  • Together with your team, you’ll work toward creating an excellent user experience for the third-party developers who join the Developer Program;
  • You’ll help to curate our documentation by enriching it with examples that demonstrate the potential of our Platform and by bringing back feedback from developer communities;
  • You’ll make sure the developer audience is up-to-date with the new Platform features by posting on Platform Updates and Twitter;
  • You’ll be responsible for establishing and maintaining relations with integration partners. You’ll navigate them through the LiveChat Platform by leading the communication and providing technical support;
  • You’ll build engagement and brand recognition on our Developer Community, Slack communities, forums, and meetups;
  • You’ll lead the communication at online events, such as hackathons or conferences;
  • You’ll promote the LiveChat Developer Program by speaking at industry events and by running webinars.

Who we’re looking for:

  • We expect you to have at least 1 year of experience working as a Developer Advocate, Developer Relations Specialist, Developer Evangelist, Developer Community Manager, or a similar position;
  • You have experience with, or at least a good understanding, of the SaaS business model;
  • You feel comfortable writing code snippets and simple integrations that showcase the possibilities of our APIs; 
  • Apart from coding, you possess strong writing skills. You can explain a difficult concept in an easy-to-understand way. Having experience in technical writing is a plus;
  • You demonstrate excellent communication skills, more specifically, in the areas of public speaking and presenting. You’re not only a good speaker, but an even better listener. You empathize with your audience and identify their pain points with ease;
  • We’re all about teamwork. We share the same goal, which is to help people 
and businesses communicate better and fully express themselves. Listening to and respecting one another brings us close to achieving that goal;
  • As a company, we value openness and honesty. This is one of our core values mentioned in the LiveChat Software Living Constitution. We expect you to be ready to take and give feedback so that we can make progress and improve as a team;
  • You’ll lead projects, bigger or smaller, which will impact the company internally and externally. You should see taking ownership as an opportunity to grow rather than a burden;
  • We’d like to build a long-lasting relationship. We’re a group of people who enjoy each other’s company and like to joke around, grab a coffee in the morning, or hang out from time to time. Online coffee counts as well! ;-)

Where we’re heading:

  • As a company, our ultimate goal is to enable customer communication without barriers. As the Platform teams, our vision is to help innovators build the future of communication. One of the ways to do that is by joining forces with talented, creative, and ambitious third-party developers. The Developer Program team aims to build an environment where developers can easily make use of the provided tools and create integrations that extend the functionalities of LiveChat. We want our Marketplace to feature high-quality applications that meet the various needs of our customers and help them achieve their business goals.

What we can offer:

  • A full-time position in a company whose product is used 300k times per minute – worldwide(!);
  • A solid salary with all the government expenses covered;
  • The remote-first approach with our own, dog-friendly, coworking space in case you’d prefer working from the office and would like to have your pup friend to keep you company ;);
  • Support for your self-development with free access to Udemy courses, every book you’d ever want from Amazon, and a possibility to participate in the LiveChat Academy – all of that to boost your interest in our business and products;
  • Time and space for your creativity and ideas to be shared during our Side Project Days;
  • Multisport card – checked, private medical care – checked, Worksmile platform with a monthly budget for benefits marketplace – checked, dedicated integration budget – checked;
  • A dedicated spot just for you on our Team page 
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