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Inbound marketing

6 Email Personalization Techniques You Can Start Using in Your Campaigns

As sophisticated digital marketing strategies continue to evolve and produce impressive results, a question that often comes up is: “is email marketing still relevant?” It is. Its average ROI of $44 for every $1 spent shouldn’t and will not go away anytime soon. Thanks to its... read more

Pauline Farris
7 minutes
Sep 7, 2018

What Is URL Builder and How You Can Use It in Your Campaigns

Let’s imagine that you've just started a promotion campaign. You've created an eye-catching website and crafted a seductive love letter to your newsletter subscribers. Of course, you'have also shared this link on social media channels and, to boost your range, you've bought some... read more

6 minutes
Jul 6, 2016

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How to create a landing page that’s too good to pass on

Creating landing pages is the cornerstone of any inbound marketing strategy. As an online marketer, you need a way to convince the people who came to your website to do something. This is where landing pages come in. You can think of them as special agents who have only one... read more

10 minutes
Mar 9, 2016

How Marketing Automation Makes You More Human

UPDATE: You can easily automate what happens after a chat using channels like email, SMS, and Facebook ads. Join our webinar on integrating LiveChat with Autopilot or see more information on the integration features. We all can name at least one favourite grocery store where we... read more

8 minutes
Feb 22, 2016

Email Communication is Stronger than Ever

There was a time when email was in its heyday. When not having an email account meant that the world moves forward without you. But then, something has changed. Social media were popularized and outshone other internet communication forms. Professionals started using them as a... read more

5 minutes
Dec 3, 2014

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