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The Real Meaning of Making Notes in Business

How many times have you had an amazing idea right before you fall asleep and you were so sure, you’re gonna remember it the next day but then you woke up and boom! All you know is that you had an awesome idea, but now you have “no idea” what it was whatsoever? It happens a lot to... read more

7 minutes
Nov 7, 2017

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The Art of Negotiation: How to Solve Conflicts with Tough Clients

Sales agents deal with difficult customers each day. Most of the time, it’s easy to handle this type of situation but sometimes you need to show some serious negotiation skills in order to avoid bigger conflicts. This is very important because of the well-known mantra that the... read more

Karen Dikson
5 minutes
Aug 22, 2017

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure in Business

Entrepreneurs are mostly strong, open minded and risky people. But did you know that many of them are also scared? What are they scared of, you may ask but the answer is pretty simple – They have intense fear of failure. "Should I launch this product, or will it fail to sell?”... read more

8 minutes
Aug 8, 2017

What Is Your Team Management Style?

We tend to think of ourselves in ways that are more flattering than are warranted. It’s probably our human tendency to see ourselves through rose-colored glasses! We tend to believe that we are better customers, better employees or better bosses than we actually are. The sad... read more

6 minutes
Jul 14, 2017

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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: The Godfather Way

As he washed his baby-blue Cadillac, Peter Clemenza pondered and rehearsed his lines, the expressions of his face. He would be curt with Paulie, as if displeased with him. With a man so sensitive and suspicious as Gatto this would throw him off the track or at least leave him... read more

8 minutes
Jul 7, 2017

How Teamwork Activities Help to Build a Strong Team Spirit

I remember that when I joined LiveChat, we had about 30 employees working in a small, quite dingy house. Every day, after coming to work, we did a small tournée around all rooms, saying “hi” to every group of people. We met in the kitchen during lunch and kept each other up to... read more

8 minutes
Jun 30, 2017

6 Down-To-Earth Business Lessons from Rand Fishkin

Hosting a podcast is a great way of gathering tons of knowledge and learning from the best, that’s for sure. What I discovered though was that it also gives you the opportunity to meet amazing people, and listen to their stories. A quick explanation for those who don’t know what... read more

7 minutes
May 26, 2017

How to Get Rid of Bad Work Habits and Be More Successful

Recently, I spoke with my friend about his work. He told me that he has so much work that he ends up working overtime almost every day. Of course, I felt sorry for him, but I couldn’t give up the impression that if he was able to get rid of a couple of bad work habits, he would... read more

6 minutes
Feb 3, 2017

How the Environment Affects Work Emotions

Sit back, relax and go to your happy place. What does it look like? There’s a good chance that the place that makes you happy the most is filled with sunshine and bright colors. It’s probably clutter-free, and just the thought of it makes you feel instantly at ease. Now, think... read more

Emily Walters
4 minutes
Jan 31, 2017

The Zuckerberg Effect: Qualities of a Good Boss

Mark Zuckerberg is probably one of the most beloved leaders in the business world. With a whopping 99% approval rating from his employees, he seems to be more of a superhero than a regular boss. But the thing is that he looks just like an “everyday normal guy.” If you didn’t know... read more

6 minutes
Jan 27, 2017

5 Tips on How to be a Good Boss and a Great Leader

The worst thing about being a bad boss is that you don’t realize it. You think that your employees like you, enjoy working with and call you a good boss. Then, it suddenly turns out that conversations stop when you’re entering a room. And that you’re the only person that’s not... read more

6 minutes
Jan 6, 2017