Discovering the Potential of SaaS Professional Services for Support Excellence

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Jul 21, 2023
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You have a great product or service, an eye-catching website, and a growing customer base. Everything's going well, but one thing keeps you up at night - customer support! You want to provide top-notch service to your customers, but you find it challenging to teach your entire team how to handle customer inquiries in a way that keeps everyone happy.

That's where professional services come to the rescue! It's like having a superhero sidekick for your customer support. Curious to find out more?

What are professional services?

Professional services refer to a broad category of specialized, knowledge-based, and skill-oriented services provided by professionals with expertise in a particular field. They aim to provide valuable insights, offer expert advice, address complex issues, and solve problems.

Professional services are necessary in SaaS, where the product is a core part of day-to-day work. That is if we care about the good adoption of the product for every employee. These services enhance the overall customer experience, ensure successful product implementation, and contribute to long-term customer satisfaction. 

How are professional services different from customer success?

In essence, professional services are part of the broader customer success strategy, aiming to ensure a successful onboarding and implementation experience, while customer success focuses on driving long-term customer value and fostering positive customer relationships throughout their entire journey with the company. 

Professional services primarily aim to deliver expertise, solutions, and support to clients during a product or service's onboarding, implementation, and usage. They may involve consulting, customization, training, integration, and ongoing support tailored to the customer's needs.

Customer success is centered around understanding the customer's goals, challenges, and expectations and effectively aligning the product or service to meet those needs. Customer success teams work to maximize the customer's success by providing continuous support, monitoring product usage, and offering personalized recommendations and guidance. They aim to foster customer satisfaction and help customers achieve their desired outcomes, leading to renewal and advocacy.

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The main benefits of using professional services in SaaS

Professional services are valuable for SaaS providers, their customers, and end users. 

Take a look at the benefits of professional services in SaaS: 

Smooth implementation: Professional services help customers with the initial setup and configuration of the SaaS solution. This ensures a smoother and quicker implementation process, reducing the time it takes for customers to start using the software effectively.

Tailored solutions: Professional services teams can customize the SaaS product to match individual customers' specific needs and requirements. This level of adaptation ensures that the software is perfectly aligned with the customer's business processes and workflows.

Maximized product value: By receiving expert guidance, training, and support, customers can fully understand and utilize the features and capabilities of the SaaS product. This leads to the maximized value they get from the software, making it more likely that they will continue using it in the long term.

Effective data migration: Professional services assist customers in smoothly migrating their data from legacy systems or other software to the new SaaS platform. This minimizes data loss, maintains data integrity, and reduces the risk of disruptions. 

Faster ROI: With professional services guiding the implementation and adoption process, customers can quickly realize the SaaS solution's benefits. This leads to a shorter time to value.  

Improved user adoption: Proper training and support from professional services result in better user adoption rates. When employees and teams are confident and proficient in using the software, it increases overall productivity and efficiency.

Continuous support: Professional services often include ongoing support and assistance beyond the initial implementation. This ensures that customers have access to expertise whenever they encounter challenges or need additional help with the product.

Customer satisfaction and retention: By providing a positive and supportive customer experience, professional services contribute to higher customer satisfaction and, consequently, higher customer retention rates.

Upselling and cross-selling opportunities: Successful implementations and satisfied customers are more likely to consider expanding their usage of the SaaS product or exploring other offerings from the provider, leading to potential upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Professional services based on LiveChat’s example 

LiveChat is a great example of a product that is used daily, with many powerful features just waiting for you to discover them. If you don’t want to do it alone, our professional service team can be your guide. This team knows the ins and outs of the product, market, integrations, possibilities for your business, potential risks, and… you name it. 

Their goal is to help you get the most out of the product so that everyone is happy with your service, the customer base keeps growing, and increased revenue is a nice byproduct.

How can the professional services team at LiveChat help your business? 

They start by getting to know your business goals and expectations you have with LiveChat. Then, they help you launch and tweak LiveChat to suit your needs best.

What can you expect?

LiveChat implementation - professional services

After all that, we focus on optimization. The team helps with personalized agent and admin training and account tweaks to streamline customer communication. It's topped off with a performance audit along with a list of recommendations on what needs to be improved. 

LiveChat professional services team

Next, they help you automate your workflows by embedding AI into your customer communication processes. You don't want manual tasks slowing you down. Instead, learn how to create custom app integrations, custom reporting, and workflow automation.

Empowering support heroes with professional services 

The professional services team takes care of successful SaaS adoption, maximizes customer value, and fosters long-term customer relationships. They help you overcome technical challenges, personalize support, and fully leverage the product’s capabilities. Their service benefits all the parties involved: you, your customers, and the SaaS provider. 

To say it differently, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about customer queries and finally focus on what you do best: run your business like a boss. 

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