Route a chat to a specific agent depending on the page chat is initiated

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Does anyone know how/if it is possible to route a chats to a specific agent depending on what page/domain a visitor may be viewing?


Hi @mohammed.ahmed,

You can route chat visitors from selected pages to specific groups of agents using URL rules.

So, for example, you may have dedicated agents skilled in different areas, like sales and support and route chats to one group or the other depending on the page where the chat started.

Using URL rules, you can also play with the look and feel of your chat window on a page-to-page basis. You can even set a rule that will turn the chat off on selected pages.

How to route chats on selected pages to specific groups of agents?

  1. Log in to LiveChat and go to Settings → Chat settings → URL rules and click on Add your first rule.

  2. Enter the URL address of the page you want to route chats from. This can be either a partial or an exact match.

  3. Next, choose the group that will answer chats coming from those pages.

  4. To finish, click on Add rule.

  5. From now, all chats started on the specified page will be routed to agents from the selected group.

Read the whole article about Groups in LiveChat here:

Hi! do you have any idea how to set the group by javascript? the select element of pre-survey form is very ugly. :smile:

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I answered this question in a topic you’ve created:

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