How do I set the time zone for my company/agent so agent working hours reflect their timezone?

Like the title says…thanks!

Hello @blownfuse :wave:

The app shows all the data in the timezone of the device that it’s running on (basing on its system settings).

The work scheduler also shows the timezone of the person that uses it, but other users will see it in their own timezone.
If you don’t use the work scheduler, the availability of the agent depends on his status, so in this case, every one of them should calculate when they should be available for chats.

In case where there’s a necessity for some agents(or all of them) to operate in the same timezone, you should change the device timezone.

Let me know if that helps!

Ok, thank you @Lukasz_W, knowing the schedule reflects the timezone of the device does help. Having to change the device timezone isn’t a great workaround, but thanks for the tip.

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