Handling of links in chat - new tab or same tab behaviour

Maybe this has come up before.

We are working in a very specific market and have to follow some strange regulations. Our visitors must not be able to open our site in more than one tab in their browsers for example. Thus we ran into a slight problem. Maybe someone here has an idea how to fix this.

When we provide links in the chat and the visitor clicks on the link it is LiveChat’s standard behaviour to open said links in a new tab. But that will trigger an error message from our system (multiple tabs detected!). Hence we need to find a different solution.

We could tell our visitors every time we provide a link that they need to copy the URL and paste it manually into their browser URL line to make sure they stay in the same tab. But that will annoy quite a few visitors. The other solution is, we could describe the way how to get to the requested site with words in the chat and just not provide a direct link.

But I am writing this in the hope that someone would know how to make sure that either all links will stay in the same tab when clicked or (even better) just the links from our own domain will stay in the same tab when clicked.

Any tips welcome.


Hello! LC team here :slight_smile:

I’m afraid this is a default behavior of the links being opened in the new tab instead of the same page. We do not have the option to change that as a license setting, so there are two possible approaches here:

  1. Either the ones that you have described above;
  2. Developing your own chat widget via our API(developers.livechat.com) and handle the links opening differently
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