The Best Marketing Tool You Can Use

May 4, 2020
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Word of mouth is definitely the best way to spread the word about your product. Let us show you how it works and how to take advantage of WOM.

Word of mouth is definitely the best way to spread the word about your product. Let us show you how it works and how to take advantage of WOM.

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The Best Marketing Tool You Can Use

We like to imitate others, we want to be like other people too. The best examples are Hotmail and Apple

Every hour a hundred million conversations about brands are happening and that happens because we love to share what we do, we love to share the things that we use.

Companies spend millions trying to get customers to do that, other companies don’t spend any money and let the loyal customers do the marketing for them for free. That is word of mouth

and that’s something as a marketer you really want. based on Jonah Berger book “Contagious-why things catch on?” today we’re going to talk about six principles that should help you to push people to talk and share about your brand

Social currency is one. Social currency is about, we do love showing people the good things that we do, things that make us look good. For example when you get an upgrade to first-class you want to share that. When you get an extra gift when you go to the supermarket. You really want to share that we like to share things that make us look good among our friends and among people. That’s social currency. like it or not is basically paying off in social ways for people to like us

The second one is, Triggers. If social currency will start the whole thing going, triggers will keep it moving. Think of triggers as little words or little stimulations around people that will remind them about your brand for example, a homemade margarita will remind you that you need to buy a blender. So when you have your product think of what are the triggers that can help people talking and keep them talking about your brand.

This is my favorite one, is Emotion. Emotion is a very powerful tool and it will push people to share their emotions but not every emotion is the same. There are certain emotions like amusement, excitement, or anger that will push you very hard to share your emotions. Other like contempt and sadness will make you feel that you don’t really want to share it too much, so think about what emotions you want to really pass through your messaging.

Number four is Public. Public relates to the fact that we like to imitate others we want to be like other people too. The best examples are Hotmail and Apple if you look back, hotmail was a free product and at the bottom of their emails they will set “open your own free account” when they started doing that 8.5 million people subscribed to hotmail same thing with Apple. You have an iPhone, send an email from your iPhone and it has a message, “Sent from my iPhone” that’s when we are convinced and that’s the social proof that we needed in order to buy the product

Number five is Practical Value. We love to help other people and we love to share things that helped us. Think of the latest app that you downloaded that help you lose weight, or think of the latest deal that you got in the supermarket. Those are things that we want to share for example Shopify. Shopify is a product that you pay for, but still has tons of guides that will help you to take advantage of the product, and that’s value that you’d like to share

and last but not least is stories. Storytelling is one of the ultimate tools you have as a marketer is the way we learn is the way we learn of morals or learn lessons so when you have a story to tell make sure that you combine your product with the story in a way that you cannot separate them so when the people read through the story and digest your story is also reading through your product and digesting your product

So these are the six principles that Jonah Berger proposes when you get Word of Mouth right you get the customer to do the heavy lifting. 92% of people will buy something just because a friend of them recommend it, so when the customers do the heavy lifting you don’t pay for anything and people believes in what they’re sharing do and follow the six principles and let us know how it goes for your brand

thank you for watching

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