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Customer Service Automation with a Human Touch

Alicja Pawliczak
6 min read
Nov 22, 2019

Can you feel it, coming in the air tonight? It's a big holiday season for retail. Bigger than 80's hair. We hacked the mainframe and found the secret data – this could be The Trillion Dollar Season. Join LiveChat for a week of articles and videos dedicated to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sell better online and offline. Make it rain.

The holiday season is coming and everyone is looking for the perfect gift. For ecommerce businesses, it means more customers, more money, but also more work for support teams.

Long hours and dealing with customers in a shopping frenzy can result in a heavy drop in your customer satisfaction levels. But you probably want those holiday shoppers to not only come back next year but also become loyal customers. How to do that while handling the never-ending storm of chats, emails, and calls?

The answer is chatbots.

Before you close the tab with this article. Hear me out. It is true that badly implemented bots can annoy your customers and harm your business. But properly designed and implemented chatbots can free up your customer service team’s time and add delight to the shopping experience on your site or app.

How to make chatbot work during the holiday season

The most important thing to figure out with your team is the goal of your chatbot. Because if you try making it do everything and act like a human agent—it will turn into one big mess. So here are a few common use cases for bots during the holiday season:

Take care of repeated questions

Sometimes customers just need to make sure, even if it clearly says the shipping is free. If you’ve been using LiveChat for a while, you probably have a canned response for each one of these questions. The problem is that answering them takes up valuable time when your team could be helping customers that have more complex problems or need advice on choosing a particular item.

To figure out what the frequently asked questions are, talk to your team. They definitely have an entire list. You can also go through Archives and check the most common tags added to conversations.

Once you’ve created a list of common questions, you can use a chatbot to answer them for you. Use interactive responses to create the best conversational experience. Add text, buttons, gifs, carousels, and other types of rich messages to suggest to users what they can talk about with the AI helper.

Provide 24/7 support

Your customers want to know if that candle is available in lavender violet, or they need to find out where their parcel is at 2 am on a Sunday? If you make them wait they will either get annoyed or go visit your competitor’s website.

Chatbots answer questions for you during this time by, for example, offering parcel tracking. They also collect information that will help you provide a personalized answer when you are back online. If an interaction with a chatbot is smooth, a person will be more likely to wait for your answer and buy from your business.

Qualify leads

AI assistants also help when your agents get so busy that they can’t handle any more chats in a way that says “we care about you.”

To avoid rushing through a conversation with a customer that is about to make a big order, use chatbots to qualify leads. This way customers who mean the most to your business are served first and get your undivided attention. Customers who might just happen to come across your site by accident, and have no intention of buying, will stop at the conversation with a bot.

Turn holiday shoppers into loyal customers

People are used to poor customer support during the holiday season. With chatbots, you free up more of your team’s time, making it possible for agents to really show that they care. If you positively surprise your customers during this magical, but also very stressful time, you will create long-lasting relationships with them.

More and more companies use chatbots to show their brand personality and add delight to the buying experience. For example, use bestsellers to create a chatbot scenario that helps customers choose the perfect gift by asking simple questions like “who is the gift for?”

Fuse AI scalability and a human approach

ChatBot automation will help you boost customer experience and lighten your workload. Deliver an instant, dynamic and personalized experience your customers will love and give your team the time to focus on more complex client queries.

Connect ChatBot with LiveChat in a few steps to take your customer service to the next level and create multitasking chatbots that can sell, support, engage, and more.


Check chatbot efficiency

OK, so you added ChatBot to your LiveChat, and you’ve worked with your team to make it perfect. How do you know if it is actually helping your business? Your customer service team will probably tell you. But if you want to see the data to prove it, take a look at the reports in LiveChat.

The chat satisfaction report

The number of chats has doubled or tripled, but your customer satisfaction level wasn’t affected? If you haven’t increased the number of agents, you can be sure that chatbots had something to do with it. Additionally, customers can rate your chatbot agents. Check how they stack up against your human agents, and draw your own conclusions about how and where to use chatbots most effectively.

The queued customers report

If you are using chatbots to answer frequently asked questions, the number of queued customers should decrease. Many of them won’t need to go past the conversation with your AI helper.

The tracked sales report

If you use the sales tracker, you can check the number of chatbot conversations with a bot that ended with a purchase. Compare the number to the cost of having a chatbot on your team and you’ll know if it’s the right thing for you.

Are you ready for customer service automation?

Now it’s all in your hands. If you want to try chatbot right away but feel like you don’t have time, we have a solution for you. Create your ChatBot account and use the LiveChat template we prepared. Edit it so it fits your needs, and you’ll have a working bot in less than 30 minutes.

Dig deeper into our Chatbot Guide and learn what makes chatbots crucial for businesses.