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Live chat use cases

How to Use Customized Messages to Engage with Your Website Visitors

When you hear about live chat, you probably think it’s the tool customers use when they have a question. That’s true, but that’s just a part of it. You need to think of live chat used in a more proactive way. The way in which you first write to a customer and offer help, while... read more

9 minutes
Dec 16, 2016

What is Live Chat for an Online Business

Many business owners see live chat as yet another tool, just like email or phone, that can be used to contact customers. They either don’t see much benefit in it or they are not aware of its full potential. What is live chat for a modern online business then? Live chat is one of... read more

7 minutes
Jun 1, 2016

Using Artificial Intelligence in LiveChat: Smart Tag Suggestions

Artificial Intelligence (or AI for short) has become quite the buzzword recently. Everyone in the tech world seems to want to use it. A ton of different applications cropped up in the last couple of weeks, every more amazing than the last. We’ve seen AI that can tell us what it... read more

5 minutes
May 18, 2016

How to Use Live Chat in the Forex Industry

In the round-the-clock world of forex trading, there is an exceptional demand for high quality customer service. Information is vital for traders and it has to be provided on the spot. With costly international calls out of the picture, live chat seems like a natural pick for... read more

4 minutes
Jul 31, 2014