How to Boost Conversions with Live Chat for Attorneys

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Apr 4, 2024
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Ever find work hours disappear with admin tasks? Notice your website attracting clicks that never grow into leads?

Yes, you studied for years to become an attorney, but running your own firm presents new challenges. 

With 54% of customers ignoring responses that take over two days, prioritizing leads is essential.

But how can you grow your conversion rates without the expense of hiring an assistant?

A live chat tool can help you. It acts like an online receptionist, welcoming and assisting anyone who visits your site. 

How can live chat benefit law firms and attorneys?

As new technologies reshape the legal industry, staying updated is crucial to compete with other firms. Live chat is a powerful yet manageable addition to your law firm. After a quick installation, it’s ready to spark conversations that turn window shoppers into new clients.

Let’s investigate how your firm will benefit from offering live chat services:

Whether you specialize in criminal law or personal injury, these benefits set you apart from other law firms and help collect leads' data.  

What to look for in a live chat for law firms

As a lawyer, you have specific requirements. Your clients expect a highly professional service at all times. Keep an eye out for:

A valuable tool will incorporate all these features and help you focus on delivering the best legal experience.

How does a live chat improve client communication and conversion rates?

Many law firms struggle to provide a good customer experience. With that in mind, a helpful website allows you to stand out from competitors. 

Research shows that a live chat satisfies 80% of customers. Here's a breakdown of how it gives clients a fantastic experience:

  1. Immediate engagement: The conversation begins from the first moment a client interacts with your website. 
  2. Tailored responses: The live chat sends automated messages that directly answer readers’ questions or direct them where they want to go. The chat will also let the client input their data without needing web forms. 
  3. Seamless communication: When you take over the conversation, you will have summaries of the information you need to onboard the client. Keep your response times short by choosing from a list of pre-set answers. From there, you can continue the conversation on any channel. 

The result? Engaged clients who enjoy your customer experience, increasing the chance of conversions. It also allows you to focus on legal work while effortlessly securing new clients. 

Are there any specific regulations or ethical considerations for live chat in the legal industry?

A live chat for law firms should follow the strict rules that lawyers work under. As a result, the conversations must remain private, safe, and professional.

Anyone who talks to clients through live chat, like receptionists or chat agents, must know how to communicate properly without causing legal issues for your firm.

One of these key areas is privacy. Live chat apps should store all sensitive client data and messages in a way that adheres to privacy laws.

Data encryption is one of the best methods of safeguarding data. To protect against cyberattacks, live chats for lawyers should provide a high level of encryption. 

Key features to look for in a live chat app for attorneys

When exploring live chat applications tailored for legal professionals, it's crucial to identify features that enhance client communication, safeguard privacy, and streamline your firm’s efficiency.

Look for a live chat with these important features:

The best live chat tools for attorneys to engage website visitors


LiveChat offers a suite of features for your law firm. It sends live chat messages straight to its mobile and desktop apps. From there, you can contact the prospective client immediately and redirect the chat to any messaging platform. AI assistant summarizes messages and suggests replies.

Outside of work hours, you can rely on asynchronous communication features that LiveChat offers, which create specific messages that inform clients when you’ll be back in the office. These messages keep your clients engaged, making them more likely to convert into leads.

Over time, you can improve your conversations with LiveChat's key insights and reports. These give you a data analyst's perspective without the payout.

LiveChat is one of the top live chat apps and a secure choice. You can fortify your account by restricting logins to your IP address and using two-step authentication. In addition, LiveChat is HIPAA-compatible, and it always encrypts data.


Hubspot’s conversation tool gives you one inbox for all your initial contacts. One of its key features is the live chat. By connecting the live chat and the inbox for conversations, you have a record of all your conversations in one place. You can also create specific chats for different web pages. 

Hubspot offers many security features, including two-factor authentication and SSL certification.


Acquire is a communication optimization software. It lets you contact potential clients in the channels they use, from SMS to voice calls. The tool stores the data from these channels in one inbox to keep you on track with communications. 

Acquire offers a call deflection feature that transfers missed calls to SMS or your preferred digital channel. You can send callers to different channels based on how long they’ve waited or their demographics. Acquire is A+ security rated by the SSL Lab.


ApexChat provides a live chat with customization options and predefined responses. With ApexChat, there’s no need to respond to client leads right away. Its team of customer support agents is available 24/7 to speak to potential clients. On every call, they collect data and assess whether prospective clients fit your law firm. After the conversation, they send the data to your preferred inbox. You can also design different responses based on your office hours. 

ApexChat encrypts data and has strong privacy policies.

Client Chat Live

Client Chat is a live chat for law firms with 24/7 human operators. They talk any visitor to your website through your questions and capture the data your law firm needs. It protects all data with the 256-bit SSL protocol. Client Chat Live can connect that data with your key platforms as it syncs with many technologies. 

For firms in multicultural areas, Client Chat offers services in English and Spanish. 

Legal Chat

Legal Chat is a live chat for law firms. It’s easy to set up. You simply input your brand name into ready-made custom scripts for law firms, and it's ready to go. Legal Chat also offers a live chat app for mobile to keep you in contact with leads wherever you are. 

This 24/7 live chat tailors conversations depending on the Google search term that led the prospect to your law firm’s website. It can also ethically collect other data about a customer, such as location. 

It maintains advanced security and offers many integrations. 

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is a live chat that is customizable to fit your brand. You can tailor messages to change outside of business hours, and it allows you to store an unlimited amount of data. It protects all data with SSL Security.

With its live chat app for mobile, you can stay in touch with clients on the go. 

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat offers an AI-powered chat with pre-written responses. It identifies the sentiment in every message to direct prospects to the right place. Zendesk has both desktop and mobile apps that unify conversations from many channels. The chat integrates with the larger Zendesk ecosystem and other technologies. For security, it uses BYOK encryption.

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat tool that offers canned responses, audio calls, and screen sharing. From their app, law firms can handle communications from any channel, from Messenger to email. These features help you organize clients throughout the entire customer journey. 

Zoho SalesIQ encrypts data and is working towards HIPAA compliance.


Ruby’s human virtual receptionists handle website visitors 24/7. Once one of your chat leads sends a message, Ruby agents respond within 60 seconds. They also offer text-to-chat, allowing your customers to have a human phone conversation, even when you’re offline. Ruby’s phone operators are HIPAA-trained for security.

Ruby creates reports from live chats to give you actionable insights. It also allows you to integrate a variety of tools through Zapier. 


LawDroid wants to automate your workflow and make running your law firm easier. Its automated chat features take the stress out of contacting prospects with AI assistants that speed up your workflows.

As the name suggests, LawDroid is a live chat for law firms. Once you set your questions, the AI bots ask them in your preferred order and build on answers to create a responsive conversation. It helps capture client information and build a relationship from the first step. It integrates with many other tools and encrypts all data.

The chatbot offers both human staff solutions and AI automation. How does this work? The AI-powered chat feature assesses the feasibility of a potential client's claim. From there, offers 24/7 human receptionists to answer calls from qualified leads. The live chat is quick to set up and integrates with many common technologies.


LexReception offers virtual receptionists available 24/7 to help you secure more clients. Its multi-lingual operators can handle any call your business receives. These agents can screen calls, set appointments, and explain your legal services. Once they have enough details, they transfer the call or message you the details. It offers many integrations.


Ngage is a text-to-chat service with human customer service agents available 24/7 for a personal touch. The agents chat to potential clients by text and take phone calls to extract the data they need and improve lead generation. Ngage protects data with standard security processes like HTTPS, SSL, and data encryption.

Then, they transfer the potential client to the right staff member. Ngage integrates with many CRM tools and Google Analytics.


Intaker is a live chat for lawyers that helps you to assess and capture leads while providing an excellent client experience. One key feature is that Intaker lets you add videos to the live chat to help build rapport with potential clients.

Intaker offers automated messaging with 1400+ built-in prompts to identify qualified prospects. It also pings you when a lead appears so that you can start the chat immediately. In addition, a potential client can schedule an appointment through the live chat. 

Intaker also offers many integrations.


Gideon is a live chat for lawyers. It uses AI to provide 24/7 interactions with intelligent answers about your legal services. You can set interactions to assess a new client before you engage with them, saving time. Gideon also removes the need for forms by offering instant appointment scheduling through chat.

What’s next for your live chat service?

Live chat works as an assistant that shifts you towards a more interactive, client-centered law firm. It's an invaluable tool that helps you stand out regardless of your practice areas. 

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