How to Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

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Mar 13, 2018
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Landing page conversion rate

Having an online business is challenging. You need to staff your website with the high-quality content and great graphics or photos.

You need to come up with ideas to bring people to your website - from social media, other websites and mostly, from search engines. You want people to find you, right?

And that’s where landing pages come to the picture.

What is a landing page and how it can help your business

A landing page is a page created to guide a visitor to take a specific action, for example, signing up for a trial, filling out a contact form, or even making a purchase. Not every page is a landing page though.

Since you want visitors to perform a specific action on a landing page, they need to be designed without any distractions. To achieve that, you can get rid of the website menu and sidebars. Doing this, you encourage visitors to take a specific action before they leave your website.

#1. Choose a goal for your landing page

Before you start creating your landing page, you'll need to set up its clear goal and this should encourage visitors to take an action. Here are 3 examples of landing pages’ goals.

Getting a lead - webinars, ebooks, reports

Here’s the example from Salesforce’s landing page, promoting its ebook. As you can see, there are almost no distractions there.

Salesforce ebook landing page

The page has a clear goal – a visitor leaves their information, such as name, email, job title and phone, to get an ebook for free. “Free” is a crucial information here. Their landing page also includes trust badges that let visitors know the information visitors leave is secure.

There’s a little content on the page which makes it easy to get through and make an action. The image fits the page and shows what visitors will get if they will sign up. To sum up:

Signing up for a trial

We have a landing page dedicated to the benefits of LiveChat. It’s a long landing page you can scroll down to see why LiveChat is more efficient than the phone, how you can check your customer satisfaction and how to keep track of your customer service performance. It might be long, but it’s not our fault it has so many benefits.

This landing page has a nice design with a little content. Everything is clear. In the middle of the landing page, we’ve placed a call to action text and button to encourage visitors to start a free trial.

Benefits of livechat landing page

Making a sale - Highlight a seasonal promotion

Uber has created a landing page to drive new rider signups. It’s what seems to be a seasonal landing page for summer, but it’s also visible in winter. Is it an oversight? Not exactly.

Leaving a seasonal landing page up in the off–season is more common than you think. For example, many brands leave their Black Friday landing pages online even after the holiday season, to capitalize on year–round traffic.

Back to Uber’s landing page - they used an image that's appealing and brings together everything that’s best about summer. The lady probably uses the Uber app, and in the image below we can see how the app looks inside. Plus, the offer is compelling. $30 off the first ride? Sounds great! The clear CTA makes it easier to follow through.

Uber seasonal landing page

#2. Choose a keyword for a landing page

You want your landing page to rank high in Google so potential customers can easily find it. When creating content for your landing page, you always need to have SEO in mind. It means choosing the right keyword, using it in the alt descriptions of your images and filling out your meta tags.

Let’s say you own an e–commerce store with outdoor clothes and you want people to find your store when they type “mountain biking clothes” in Google. What you do is to create a landing page with this exact keyword in mind. If you think it’s too specific, you can try “mountain biking” - a more general keyword. I can’t promise the results, as they also depend on your page rank and other pages that try to rank for this keyword.

Patagonia landing page

Take a look at Patagonia’s example. They have a landing page “mountain biking.” It’s clear and it attracts attention. It describes which clothes you should use, and what materials are they build from and how it works.

Patagonia mountain bike landing page

While you’re scrolling the page, you can see CTAs linking to their product pages: to shop all mountain biking, shop women’s mountain biking, men’s mountain biking. That’s what increases conversion rate on landing pages.

#3. Highlight the value potential customers will get

I used to write like this: “this feature does this, this feature does that. Check them out!” But this kind of writing is no different from what a visitor can find in your features description.

With your landing pages, you need to be more creative.

Your headlines are the place where you can easily get a leverage. They need to be short, creative and clear at the same time. It sounds tough to do, but you just need to get an essence of the benefits you have to offer. Don’t pull the wool over people’s eyes with creative enigmatic headlines, they only build distraction. Get to the point.

Most visitors probably scroll through your landing page, stopping only for headlines, something that’s different and more visible. Always remember that your headlines should be aligned with your SEO.

Here’s a list of great, creative examples of landing pages. My favourite is Montage: Effortless Photo Books Made with Love.

#4. Use the design to visualize the benefits

Giving visitors’ information is not enough.On your landing pages, you need to highlight the value your potential customers will get. Besides copy, you can use design to do that. People might not read every sentence you wrote, they will definitely take a look at each graphic.

I want to show you an example landing page that we’re really proud of: mobile chat landing page. With this landing page, we wanted to encourage visitors to use LiveChat on mobile, so they can chat with customers wherever they are.

We figured, what better way to show readers they can use LiveChat wherever they are than by them visualizing this? So we showed them they can go to the mountains, but also stay in touch with customers if they need it. Yes, the mountain lift is moving up and down - check out mobile chat landing page.

Mobile chat livechat landing page

Visualize your visitors and what they will achieve by using your product.

Improve your landing pages conversion

To sum everything up, remember that the landing page is a page that most people find on Google and that is often the first touchpoint with your company for them. Using simple, clear language and nice design can also give you leverage.

Potential customers would rather choose a company that can highlight benefits and speaks a simple language because they can see the value immediately. Stick to it, learn from better ones and improve your landing page conversion.

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