How to Optimize Your Call to Action to Get More Chats

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Jul 2, 2014
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Encouraging Potential Customers With a Call to Action

Sometimes the slightest change on your website can make a huge difference. For example, if visitors are reluctant to start a chat with you, they may simply need a little nudge in the right direction.

For People, an administration solution for HR professionals, the nudge came in the form of a new call to action (CTA) for their chat window. Thanks to the new label, they’ve got 40 percent more chats. Talk about a little change that could!

Convincing visitors to use your chat

People uses LiveChat for pre-sales promotional purposes. They quickly found out that LiveChat can be treated like an educational tool. Visitors coming to the site can learn about the service through chats and demos. According to Sat Sindhar, Managing Director at People, “when you help customers learn about and understand your product, they are more likely to buy or request a demo.”

However, getting visitors to use the chat function was the hard part. And without the chats, People’s agents were not able to help the potential clients.

To deal with this problem, Sat decided to modify the chat window call to action. He changed the standard “Chat now” to “Chat / Schedule Demo.”

Before and After The Call to Action Change

People hit it out of the park with this call to action change. Even though it may seem insignificant, the change had a huge impact on the number of chats at People noted a 40 percent increase in the number of chats they receive. Just by changing their call to action and informing their visitors that scheduling a demo is a possibility, the company prompted many of them to start a chat.

To reach the high-scoring phrase, People tested several combinations of the words “chat" and “demo”, including the phrase “Schedule a demo”. According to Sat, "it was the specific combination of 'Chat / Schedule Demo’ that worked for People.”

Sat also suggests that using a call to action requires adding some supporting content to the website. The content helps to answer the “why should I start a chat” question by providing some incentive.

As a result, visitors who enter chat on People’s website often ask to schedule a demo right off the bat. Who would have suspected that listing more options would help with conversion?

Pick a call to action that works

When looking for a call to action for your chat, you should think about the actions it should encourage. If you use the chat to close sales, try going with something like “Chat now to finish your order.” If your company uses chat to find leads for your sales team, you can try using “Schedule an appointment.”

It all comes down to giving the visitors a simple suggestion. You may need to go through several versions of the call to action to get it right. Test each of them for a week to get a decent idea about their effectiveness and go with the best converting one. When testing, you can give our Dashboard a try or use the available reports.

Photo courtesy of Tarjei Hanken via Creative Commons.

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