You may be familiar with greetings, now we give you announcements.


Hopefully, we’re not getting lost in all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails that are undoubtedly coming your way this week. Before you set out on a mission to find that perfect deal, we’ve got a few new bells and whistles for you. A new emoji picker and announcements will all help you increase your customers’ engagement.

On a different note, the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has once again forced many of us to move back to our home offices. Take a look at the nine steps that will help you create and maintain company work culture while everyone is working remotely.

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Introduce novelties with LiveChat announcements

Think of announcements as greetings with an expiration date. You can set up the time frame that they will be displayed to customers in, and they help you create haste by being displayed only once per customer.

With announcements, you can promote a flash sale, pass along information about a new feature, or advertise a job opening without spamming your customers with the same message over and over. If they feel like they need more information, they can always start a chat, right?

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The newest upgrades to the chat section of the LiveChat Agent App are here. You can now pick from over 1000 emojis in eight categories straight from the text area in the chat section and make your customer communication go beyond words.

We also upgraded the canned response picker. Now you can add a new canned response straight from the picker and divide the list of responses into groups. Find the response appropriate to the task at hand quicker without having to remember multiple shortcuts, and use the time saved to pick the right emoji to customize your canned response.

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Maybe I should first ask if you even remember our Partner Program? If you don’t, well, it’s a good opportunity to take a look and join over 1,500 active partners. Choose between the affiliate program or the solution program. Strengthen your online presence, discover a wide range of benefits created specially for our partners, add new revenue streams, and grow your customer base.

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The newest version of our BigCommerce integration, Customer Insight, allows your agents to see your customer’s cart the moment they come to chat. With just one click, your agents can see the cart content and suggest complementary products.

If the customer’s cart is empty, send them suggestions in the form of Product Cards. Each contains an image and a clickable link taking the customer to the product page. Select up to 10 product cards and display them to customers in the chat as a carousel.

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Alex knows a thing or two about sales. He wants to share his knowledge with you in the AMA session related to the upcoming holiday season. We’ll create a special thread in our community for a week so you can ask anything you want about sales. Later, Alex will answer your questions on camera, and we’ll share the video with you.

Our AMA is also a part of a community game. The one member whose community posts will get the most likes within the next 14 days will win AirPods 2. Don’t shy away from asking your questions as they count as well!

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Company culture has often been overlooked or just treated as a buzzword. Don’t make that mistake. While your company’s culture has always been important, it’s even more so when working remotely. It’ll take dedication and effort, but the rewards of having a company culture that resonates with employees can be profound. Increased productivity, greater retention, and even better recruitment will follow a positive company culture.

Follow these nine steps and you’ll be well on the way to creating a company culture that excels under remote work.

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As we’re slowly approaching the end of 2020, we decided it’s high time we prepared a short app summary. We hope it helps you create a powerful LiveChat setup that will ensure great results in the upcoming year.

Start with the staff’s recommendations, our best performing classics:

  1. SnapCall, providing voice support directly from the chat.
  2. AGM, helping you manage large numbers of groups in the LiveChat application.
  3. Surveys, allowing you to build and send custom surveys.

If the staff’s recommendations are old news to you, consider some of our new and noteworthy integrations:

  1. Stripe, to handle payments in the chat.
  2. Trello, to manage Trello cards without leaving the chat.
  3. Private TODOs, to create and manage private to-dos.
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