Help Desk Integration vs LiveChat Tickets

I’m exploring ways to streamline our LiveChat ticket process and I’m wondering what the benefits to adding Help Desk to our subscription versus just using LiveChat’s existing ticketing system would be. I’d appreciate some feedback from other users or from a LiveChat rep as to what the benefits or additional services that Help Desk provides.

We currently use LiveChat tickets for follow ups to any LiveChat conversations when necessary, and also have our generic company email inbox forwarded via the LiveChat tickets. How is Help Desk different/better?

Also - what would be the additional cost to use Help Desk? When I go to the marketplace, it’s not really clear if it’s an additional charge and how much that would be.

Thank you in advance for any tips or feedback anyone can sure about adding Help Desk versus using the free ticketing system already in LiveChat!

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Hai hello

HelpDesk can serve really well as your improved mailbox. You can start using it right away, with importing tickets, you also import canned responses and tags.

You can create custom mailboxes for several email addresses, as well as create rules to assign tickets to teams or individual agents.

Filtering tickets is also made easier to use in repetitive manner – it’s possible to create custom views with adjusted filters and save them to use in the future.

It’s also more customizable – you can create a new HelpDesk subdomain or use your own email domain from which you’ll respond to tickets.

To use HelpDesk with LiveChat, you would need to buy a Team plan – it starts with $19/mo when billed annually and $24, when billed monthly.

What feature do you miss in LiveChat ticketing system?

Hi again! Just wanted you to know that we updated our site on integration between LiveChat and HelpDesk and you can find there the full comparison of the features between LC ticketing system and HelpDesk :slight_smile:
Let me know if you want to know detailed information on any feature :raised_hands:

This comparison chart was super helpful, thank you!

I will review further and likely give HelpDesk a try and see how it can improve our tickets!