Stay true to your branding and design without jumping back and forth between LiveChat settings and your website.


An option to customize your chat widget is not a novelty, but tweaking its look and feel and previewing changes as you make them is. Scroll further to learn more about what you can do with the live editor.

There’s a lot more for you this month:

  • Ever thought about joining a business incubator?
  • Three new message templates for the Mailchimp integration
  • HelpDesk tickets make their way to the LiveChat mobile app for Android
  • A webinar on SMS in customer service
  • Integration with a well-known payment gateway

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What's new for you
Drawing: Livechat live editor

Use a live editor whenever time is of the essence, and you want to see the changes you make to the look and feel of your chat widget ASAP.

Stay true to your branding and design without jumping back and forth between LiveChat settings and your website. With the live editor, you can:

  • Set the theme, colors, and position of the Chat Widget.
  • Preview the actual size of the widget and the changes you make — as you make them.
  • Do this right on your website — no need to access LiveChat settings.

You don’t have to worry about troubling your customers by running experiments on your chat widget in a production environment. Take the live editor for a spin and preview all your changes instantly.

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Drawing: Incubator

LiveChat’s vision is to build a world without communication barriers, and this ties in with our mission of helping people and businesses communicate better and fully express themselves.

Taking our vision a step further, we want to help early-stage startups that share our views on communication by providing them with mentorship, distribution channels, office space, and technology.

Get the support you need to turn your idea into a full-fledged business.

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Webinar banner

Together with 2way, we’re inviting you to a webinar where we’ll talk about:

  • What SMS customer support is.
  • How to implement this communication channel.
  • What the best practices are.
  • Use cases and the 2way integration with LiveChat.

During the event, you’ll get a promo code from 2way that you can use to top up your integration account. Join Kaia, our Brand Ambassador, and Jan, co-founder of 2way, for the webinar on May 31, 2022, at 5 p.m. CET.

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Drawing: livechat mobile app for android

We previously announced that you could handle HelpDesk tickets in the LiveChat mobile app for iOS. Now, Android phone users will be pleased to know that you can also solve HelpDesk tickets in the LiveChat mobile on the go.

With LiveChat mobile, you can:

  • Create tickets from chat.
  • Reply to customer tickets.
  • Assign tickets to agents or groups.
  • Add people in the loop.
  • Follow relevant tickets.
  • Mention team members.
  • Add priority tags, notes, and images.

You can now manage both HelpDesk and LiveChat tickets with one app, whenever and wherever you are.

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Drawing: subscribe to newsletter

You already know that you can use the Mailchimp integration to get your website visitors to subscribe to your campaigns and newsletters before they even start a chat.

But did you know that you can now easily create more targeted messages and experiment with their looks, conditions, etc., to check what converts best? There are three templates ready: one for new visitors, one for returning visitors, and a blank one with the signup button that you can easily customize.

Get the Mailchimp integration in the LiveChat marketplace or visit our Help Center for the targeted message templates setup manual.

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What we're reading
Drawing: using PayPal for managing payments

Convenient and secure payments are currently a standard for the ecommerce industry. As cashless transactions are becoming more and more popular, most customers consider them a must to complete an order online.

You can provide all of the above right inside the chat with the PayPal integration. Use a trusted payment processor, and build long-term relationships with your customers by offering them the tools they know and love.

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