Your customers now have another way to share files with your agents.


Remember when I talked about tickets in the LiveChat mobile app in February? Well, there’s no slowing down. If you use HelpDesk integrated with LiveChat, you’ll love the latest update to the LC iOS app.

Oh, BTW — thanks a lot to all of you who filled out the last month’s survey!

The results have been eye-opening, and I can already see one of your ideas making its way into the future newsletters soon. In case some of you wanted to share your input but haven’t done it yet, I’m sharing the survey again.

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  • A new way to share files in Chat Widget
  • HelpDesk tickets in the LiveChat mobile app for iOS
  • How to create the best customer relationship management strategy
  • Seven expressions that can kill employees’ trust in managers
  • A handy link shortener

Your agents have three ways to share files in the LiveChat agent app — they can use the paperclip icon, copy files to clipboard, or drag and drop files into the chat.

The last option has been missing for your customers. Not anymore. From now on, Chat Widget supports drag and drop, meaning the attachment process is shorter, but — more importantly — it makes the communication easier, more intuitive, and accessible.

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In February, we announced you could manage LiveChat tickets on the go. Now, those who use HelpDesk and have it integrated with LiveChat will be pleased to know that you can also handle HelpDesk tickets in the LiveChat mobile app for iOS.

With LiveChat mobile, you can:

  • Create tickets from chat
  • Reply to customer tickets
  • Assign tickets to agents or groups
  • Add people in the loop
  • Follow relevant tickets
  • Mention team members
  • Add priority tags, notes, and images

From now on, you can manage two types of tickets with one app, whenever and wherever you are. We’ll be updating the LiveChat mobile app for Android shortly. Stay tuned for more details!

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Last month, I shared a simple survey asking you for feedback about this newsletter. Again — a massive thank you to everyone who answered the question! While I got a general idea of what you think about different sections, I’d like to collect some more data and share the survey again.

All you have to do is answer three simple questions:

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Do you put much effort into building relationships with your customers? If you don’t, you might be missing out.

According to research by Datumize, 81% of companies with good customer relationships perform better than their competitors. The secret? Customer loyalty.

In one of our latest articles, we discuss the benefits of a customer relationship management strategy, how to create one, and what tools to use to make the most of it.

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I’d prefer the author of this article to use the word “leaders” instead of “managers” but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s making a valid point. Or seven of them, actually.

If I asked the people on your team if you’re a good leader, what would they say? Being a good leader is no easy task, and the way you communicate with your team is instrumental to building mutual trust.

The thing is some phrases that seem to imply good intentions can have adverse effects on your team’s morale. “I’m sorry you feel that way” is one of those expressions. Do you know why?

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The best-rated customer service chats are usually dynamic and to the point, but sometimes you can’t escape bumping against the wall of text that only partially reveals what the message is about. Feels pretty uncomfortable, doesn’t it?

URLs can make you feel the same way. We copy and paste them without putting much thought into it, only to see that the URL we sent is indescribably long and takes up half of the screen.

No need to worry about that anymore. With the Link Shortener app, you can shorten any URL right inside the chat and keep the conversation flow clean and seamless.

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