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It’s been two years since WHO announced the global pandemic and I started writing this newsletter for you while working from home. Feels wild when I think about it. With this anniversary in the background, I prepared a survey that’ll allow you to shape the future of this newsletter.

In other news:

  • Product Cards for Shopify and BigCommerce just got a rad update
  • Get these apps for free if you’re supporting the Ukrainian people
  • LiveChat turned out to be way more effective than phone
  • Eight proven strategies to build customer loyalty
  • You can schedule meetings with customers with one click

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I write this newsletter for you. To make it the best it can be, we both need two-way communication. It’s high time to listen to your voice and maybe tweak the content of this newsletter. As I’ve mentioned above, I prepared a survey that’ll allow you to shape the future of this newsletter. All you have to do is answer three simple questions:

  • Which segment of this newsletter is the most useful?
  • Which segment of this newsletter is your favorite?
  • What would you like to see more of in this newsletter?

It shouldn’t take you more than a minute or three to fill out this simple Google Form. The results will help me set the future course of this newsletter, and you’ll get content better tailored to your interests.

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Drawing: mockup of Product Cards feature

While some of you have used Product Cards before, some of you surely haven’t. Product Cards let you browse your store inventory and share relevant product recommendations with customers during chats, allowing them to browse your products without jumping between tabs. Now, that was before the update.

Recently, Product Cards got supercharged, giving you new ways to filter your products within the LiveChat app and display stock statuses and prices. What’s in it for you?

  • View modes – display products in a list or a grid view in your LiveChat app
  • Price labels – see your product prices directly on the product cards
  • Out of stock status – know immediately if products are unavailable for purchase
  • Performance and visual improvements
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“Drawing: a heart in Ukrainian flag colors surrounded by LiveChat products and integrations logos

To show our support for Ukraine, we’re now offering selected apps for free. The offer is dedicated to NGOs and organizations currently supporting the Ukrainian people.

By integrating LiveChat with popular messaging apps, you can support refugees from Ukraine through channels they know and use. Use Message Translator to translate messages in multiple channels and save and export notes from chats with Quick Notes.

To install an app for free, you need to add a coupon code that you can get by connecting with our Support Heroes.

Support Ukraine

GreenState employee using LiveChat app on a desktop computer

GreenState directs inbound contacts to their chat service whenever possible because of the efficiency of being able to speak to multiple people concurrently. GreenState’s inbound contact center, Member Assistance Center, has only seven chat specialists; less than 20% of the department. Those seven specialists take more than a third of the MAC’s total contacts for the year.

Read GreenState’s success story to learn how their chat specialists use LiveChat to make substantially more recommendations and introductions than their phone counterparts.

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Drawing: two hands high-fiving

“Customer loyalty” is a term used to measure a customer’s willingness to buy from a brand regularly. A few factors contribute to customer loyalty, i.e., client satisfaction, good customer experience, and the perceived value of the purchased products or services.

To build customer loyalty, you first need to know how to measure it and how to use ​​specific strategies to keep your customers for longer.

Build loyalty
Want to get more out of LiveChat? Hire one of our partners.
What we're reading
Drawing: a calendar sending letters to a customers list

Whether it’s a physical textbook, sticky notes around our workspace, or phone reminders, we all use calendars in some form. Most of the time, we want to lean towards the most convenient solutions on the market; thus, many of us use Google Calendar to organize our work schedule.

If that applies to you, did you know that you can make things even more seamless and integrate your Google Calendar with LiveChat?

Get Google Calendar


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