Which group do you happen to belong to? And does Siri know what’s up with chatbots?


This month, it’s all about integrations and videos. The integrations are pretty big, if you ask me. Get the lowdown on harnessing the lead-generating power of LiveChat’s Mailchimp integration, and learn how to connect with over 2 billion monthly active WhatsApp users.

On another note, are you up to date with all the latest news about chatbots? No? Then check out this new video from Hubspot. They explain all the benefits of using chatbots while communicating with your customers.

Now, let’s get down to business!

What's new for you

New features in the Mailchimp integration

There are two kinds of people in this world — those who use LiveChat’s Mailchimp integration and those who don’t. Jokes aside, if you use both of these tools, it makes perfect sense to hook them up. The Mailchimp integration recently got a shiny new upgrade. Now, you can:

  • add new contacts to your Mailchimp audience when the customer starts a chat
  • view Mailchimp subscriptions alongside conversations
  • separate multiple mailing lists by groups

If it seems like you’re still using the old version of the integration, log out of the LiveChat app and then log in again to update the integration to the latest version.

Get more leads

Can your customers contact you with just a few taps on their phones? If the answer is no, you can change that by adding the WhatsApp Business integration to your communication channels. In doing so, you’ll allow your customers to chat with your support agents in the same way they chat with their friends and family.

Take advantage of a new communication channel used by over 2 billion monthly active users. Route chats to a dedicated group of agents, handle high traffic with ease, and never lose your chats again. All thanks to the stability provided by the official WhatsApp Business API.

Integrate now

Many things have changed in how we work at LiveChat since the beginning of the pandemic. One of them has been related to hosting our podcast, Incoming Chat. For obvious reasons, we haven’t been able to invite guests to our studio for a long time. Now, guess what? We’ve finally welcomed a guest back to the studio!

Anna-Paula, head of marketing at Woodpecker — a cold email tool — helped us understand the challenges that women face when they enter the tech world. She shares her story, delivers priceless advice for those trying to break into the world of tech, and explains where her own journey is taking her.

Get inspired

I’m pretty sure that if you haven’t used a chatbot yet, you at least know what they are. Now, have you thought about how chatbots can help you grow your business? If you haven’t, it’s high time you started considering adding a chatbot to your arsenal.

Chatbots can drive up to 30% more leads for B2B businesses. In one of Hubspot’s latest videos, Jamal spills the beans on how chatbots are making customer communication faster, easier, and more effective for any business.

Watch now

Email like a boss

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent an email or a Slack message saying I was “sorry for the delay,” “sorry for taking so long,” etc., and then asked myself later why I was so overly apologetic.

I’m pretty sure many of you have replied to your colleagues or bosses in a similar fashion a few times. The thing is, there are countless ways to communicate in a clearer, more self-confident way without coming off arrogant. I mean, just take a look at this:

I stumbled across this template from Dani Donovan on Twitter the other day, and I made a promise to myself to start using the versions with a green tick way more frequently. What’s your take on this?


Usually, choosing the right tools for your team is a long process of experimenting and gathering loads of reviews. Sometimes it’s trouble-free, and other times not so much. But what if I told you that we’ve done all the hard work for you? Recently, we dug through all the apps available in the LiveChat Marketplace and prepared a top-notch selection of those that our customers love the most. And there’s plenty to choose from!

The article is divided into two handy sections: a starter pack and our top picks. To spice things up, all of the applications in the starter pack are free to use! Could kick-starting your LiveChat Marketplace journey be any easier?

Check the guide

Thanks for reading and making it this far! Feel free to let me know what you think by replying to this email or getting in touch with me on LinkedIn. Have a great day!



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