Have iOS users text you with Messages, and get back to them using rich messages right in the LiveChat app.


Do you remember what it feels like to work with your team in an office? We’ve been working remotely for over 18 months now and, up until this month, we’d hardly seen each other in real life. We’re a team of over 200 people. Between September 13 and 17, most of those fantastic people met in the office for the first time since March 2020! We worked, joked, laughed, ate, and partied in the same, shared space.

Videoconferencing was reduced to an absolute minimum. No people saying, “Kuba, you’re muted.” No more awkward waving at the camera. Now, even though most of us are back to working remotely, our motivation is through the roof, and we’re energized more than ever to give you the best products out there.

What's new for you
What's new for you

Apple Business Chat now supports rich messages

If you haven’t yet integrated LiveChat with Apple Business Chat, this might be a good time to do so. Apple Business Chat is basically a way for iOS users to text you with Messages and for you to get back to them using the LiveChat app.

The LiveChat and Apple Business Chat combo is now better than ever. Reply to your visitors with rich messages, like quick replies, cards, and carousels, and watch your user engagement go through the roof. On top of this, you can also integrate Apple Business Chat with ChatBot. With this integration, you’ll be able to handle more chats at a time and, when necessary, route customers to a dedicated group of agents.

Please note that the integration is currently available only in Business and Enterprise plans.

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Whatever you’re doing on your computer, it’s handy when you can just copy stuff to the clipboard and paste it wherever you need by using keyboard shortcuts only. You and your agents can now do this with pictures, PDFs, and other file types you wish to send over the LiveChat app, and your customers can do the same in the Chat Widget.

Use keyboard shortcuts (Control+C, Control+V for Windows and Command ⌘+C, Command ⌘+V for Mac) or right-click on the file you want to send and pick the command from the menu. Then, review the preview and confirm the upload so as to make sure you always send the intended files.

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Over the last 18 months, countless companies worldwide have switched to working remotely and joined other companies that were doing so even before the pandemic. This has opened possibilities for hiring team members from different time zones, and companies that have decided to do this have had to face a new set of challenges.

Gabriela Sokół, head of customer service at Packhelp — an online platform for creating and ordering custom branded packaging — and Marcos Bravo, our brand ambassador, will be holding a LinkedIn webinar on October 12, 2021, 1 PM EDT. They’ll show you how to build a customer service team from around the world and manage it remotely.

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Here’s how iOS 15 is gonna influence your (email) marketing

If email open rate has been one of your key metrics until now, you might be in for a surprise once your customers who use Apple devices update their operating systems to the latest version. The people at Apple weren’t joking when they said they would treat their users’ privacy a lot more seriously.

While iOS 15 is making its way onto your customers’ phones and tablets, you need to be aware that it will change the way you need to look at your data, big time. Why? Because Apple Mail users will now have the option to hide their IP addresses. This will prevent you or your marketing colleagues from knowing if a user opens an email in the Mail app.

Rethink your metrics

When it’s just not your day

Once again, the Met Gala saw the most outlandish outfits. While many of them were as flamboyant as they could get, it was Kim K’s attire that kinda resonated with me (and probably many more people working remotely) in a special way.

“Call our helpline to connect with the support team right away!” We all know this story. Waiting on the phone, stomping your foot, just to hang up in the end and write an email instead. It’s one of the less pleasurable customer experiences. But what if the customers could get to you via one of their most convenient channels, one they use often?

Now they can. Thanks to Twitter for LiveChat integration, you’ll get all the DMs you receive via Twitter right into your LiveChat interface. You won’t need to switch between websites, and your customers will get replies more quickly. Simply a win-win. Interested?

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