In business, every second counts. That’s why we’ve redesigned Details column to shorten you the way to find valuable information.


In business, every second counts. Knowing customers’ names when they come to your website, seeing what page they are browsing or having their parcel delivery information at hand – it all can influence customer experience and increase sales.

We know that, and that is why we’ve redesigned Details column in LiveChat. It’s all so you can have valuable customer information at hand.

I’m sure you want to know more about it, so check out the sections below, where we get into more details (!).

Customize your Customer Details

The more you know about customers, the better service you can provide. Customer Details column in LiveChat contains essential information about a visitor you are chatting with. From now on, you can decide what information (and in what order) is visible there. Each type of information is displayed in a single widget. For example:

  • General info (e-mail address, the location of a visitor and more)
  • Pre- and post- chat survey (information provided by a visitor)
  • Tickets (links to all tickets)
  • Visited pages and additional info (e.g. the date of customer’s last visit)
  • APP (data from marketplace apps) and more.

The order of those widgets is up to you! If you’re more interested in the tickets created by visitors than their location, reorder widgets’ position by using a simple drag and drop feature. And it works in real-time too! Try it out and see what configuration suits you best!


Apps in Customer Details

In LiveChat Marketplace, you can find lots of integrations with external services. Now, some of the apps can be accessed from the Customer Details column.

Use Cases:

Ecommerce businesses can add UPS Delivery Status as a widget in the Details column. It detects UPS tracking numbers within a chat and shows delivery statuses for them. You don’t have to search for it elsewhere, and therefore you can deliver quicker support.

With Pipedrive and Hubspot, while chatting with a visitor you can add them as a new contact, right from your Details. Also you can add a chat transcript straight from the chat. Find out more!

How to handle a chatstorm

Lots of agents on the shift, chatbots, canned responses – they’re all useful, but sometimes they’re not enough. Chatstorm can happen anyway.

In the second episode of “Are you a Human” Series, LiveChat agents answer some of the most bothering questions regarding a chatsorm:

  • What is the maximum number of chats they can handle?
  • How do they cooperate with teammates when an issue happens?
  • How do they plan their shifts? And what tips and tricks they have on handling many chats at once?

Watch and learn guys, you never know when a chatstorm comes!


LiveChat Writes

— CustomerThink Blog —

Daria, our teammate, wrote a great post on CustomerThink Blog. Based on the 2019 Customer Service Report she describes the changes in customer service and gives advice on how companies can reverse the trend of declining customer satisfaction.

Do your teammates often visit a certain website while chatting with customers? Maybe a document with chat scenarios or a knowledge base article?

Why not have this at hand, right in the LiveChat interface? With Apps in Customer Details you can easily embed your company’s content. It’s pretty easy – you don’t need a specific technical knowledge to create one for yourself!

Now apps can also display custom, interactive widgets in the native Details section. See for yourself!