Organize your agents’ work on chat and help them focus on solving cases.


No matter if your customer service team consists of 2 or 22 people, you can always try something new to make their work more efficient.

This month, we want to show you the new Tickets view, that lets your agents focus on solving cases (not just clicking through them). We’ll help you build your first chatbot (it’s about time!) and measure its performance. We’ll also explain how to better organize your team’s work on chat and in the office.

Enjoy and reach out to us in case of any questions!


New Tickets view — more efficient support

With just one click, you can now see all tickets your agents work on.

The Tickets section has a clear and tidy look, letting your agents focus on solving cases. Intuitive filters allow to search for particular tickets and easily find them regardless of their status.

To make sure tickets are handled by the people from the right department, you can easily add or remove groups assigned to them.

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Show some love to LiveChat’s little brother — ChatBot

Do you know ChatBot – LiveChat’s little brother? This spoiled brat grows pretty fast, I must say. You can either integrate LiveChat with ChatBot or use it as a separate product. Whatever you decide, it’s obvious you need it in your business.

Being available for customers 24/7, gathering leads after hours, handling tons of cases at the same time without getting tired? You name it! See how to build your own chatbot in a few simple steps and enjoy the benefits!

Show ChatBot some love

Your bot may be left alone and still handle cases like a pro. Yet, it shouldn’t stop you from tracking its performance.

With new reports in ChatBot, you can check the total number of chats, paid conversations and parts of the stories that worked well (and use them more often). You’ll also get an insight into what day and time your bots were most active. Curious to find out more?

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Plan your team’s work with these features

In the brand new series on LiveChat Blog, we guide you through every step of managing LiveChat and your team’s work. Find out which LiveChat features to focus on from day 1, how to adjust your team to use it and boost your business as a result!

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If you have customer service agents working 24/7, this one is for you! Our Support Heroes share tips on surviving a night shift and getting back to normal. Enjoy!

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Sylwia — our Product Manager — recommends her favorite tools to plan and organize work at LiveChat. See if you’ll find something for yourself!


“I can’t imagine managing a big team and working on multiple projects at the same time without Slack. Most of our company’s life is happening here. We’re always connected, even when we’re out of the office.”
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Stickies on Mac

“When you’re a manager, you need constant reminders. I like a tidy space around me, so instead of having notes on my computer and my desk, I use Sticky Notes on my desktop. Clear space, clear head, better effectiveness!”

Google Calendar

“Google Calendar is not only great for planning meetings with your team, but also to schedule things you have to do on your own. Plus, you can share your calendar with others, so they know when you’re busy. I recommend it to anyone!”