Hi, see how to handle trolls on chat, survive a night shift and create your first chatbot that helps you with repeatable cases.


This month, we’ll show you how to deal with difficult customers on chat. Trust me, trolls won’t scare you anymore! But you know what can? A night shift alone in the office (yikes!). Luckily, our Support Heroes know the feeling and they share their tips on surviving it.

But, in case you miss a chat and a customer creates a ticket, well – at least you’ll see everything crystal clear with the new Tickets view. And if you still need more backup, consider adding a chatbot. We’ll help you build it!


New Tickets view — easier support

With a bigger ticket view, an easier to scan ticket list and decluttered details, you can spend your time on actually solving cases, not clicking through.

Intuitive filters allow you to easily search for particular tickets and copy their URL with one click, so you can share it with your teammates immediately. You can also assign more people to tickets or remove those who shouldn’t be responsible for the case.

It’s simple and easy, so you can handle support cases quickly.

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Need a backup on chat? Try ChatBot

If you have too many chats on your plate, or you’re tired answering repeatable questions all the time, consider adding a chatbot to your forces. This way you could focus on solving more complicated cases and achieve higher customer satisfaction. Let’s be honest — isn’t that what your manager wants?

Build your first bot with ChatBot — our other product. ChatBot is like our little brother, so don’t be intimidated — it’s easier than you think — and it works great when integrated with LiveChat. Try it out with our step by step guide!

Build the first chatbot

Just like agents’ performance on chat can be measured, chatbots also have that possibility. With the new reports in ChatBot, you can check the total number of chats, paid conversations and parts of the stories that worked well (to use them more often). Curious to find out more?

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Trolls on chat — discussion

Being a live chat agent (aka Support Hero) is demanding. It’s better than taking phone calls from screaming customers, but still. Sometimes it seems like customers SCREAM AT YOU ON CHAT ANYWAY!! (am I right?)

Other times, there are people that come to chat just for fun! We call them trolls. Whether you work in sales or support department, you need to deal with them.

How to recognize and handle trolls? Read the customer service agents’ discussion on our forum! Join the topic if you have any advice to share!

Read the discussion

Some people think night shifts are cool. No customers on chat, peace and quiet, watching movies “in the background.” Is this really how it is? Or… is it more about hearing scary sounds in the office when you’re all alone? And simply trying not to fall asleep?

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