Start monitoring all the important LiveChat metrics. We want to share with you a new section in our app–Home.


First things first! We want to share Home with you—a new section in our app. You can see all the important data when you log in to the app, including ongoing chats or the number of sales your agents made with LiveChat.

Once you check that out, you can focus on improving customer service performance. Our Partners offer LiveChat training to help agents chat with ease. Don’t think too long about it: there’s a discount valid for 2 weeks. Then, you can learn how to plan and organize your agents’ work and how you can motivate them (don’t say they don’t need it!).


Home section for a good start

The Home section is a place you see once you log in to the LiveChat app. It shows you all the important metrics you should care about. You can see visitors online, ongoing chats, unassigned tickets and logged in agents.

You can also check the reports from the last 7 days and monitor your goals, customer satisfaction, or the number of sales your agents made with LiveChat. It’s all there in one place!

Home section overview

Providing a great LiveChat experience is in your agents’ hands (or fingertips to be precise). Help them chat with ease by providing proper training!

Our Partners from the Chat Shop offer training for beginning and intermediate agents, using award-winning methodologies! Trainings are in the form of a single, interactive video call. You can choose:

LiveChat training for beginners

1 hour training in form of interactive video call that introduces LiveChat software and best practices.

LiveChat training for intermediate

4 hour training that upskills chat agents through analysis of business goals and brand promises that you can build, monitor and deliver on chat.

Special deal: 10% discount for each course until June 12th.

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Motivate your agents (aka Support Heroes)

Planning and organizing come first, but what about the agents’ motivation to perform tasks? You probably think they should find it within themselves. Well, you’re right. Yet, they also need external incentives in their workplace (free pizza, anyone?).

Check out some ideas from our Community to motivate agents to perform better at their jobs!

Motivate your agents


Grzegorz – our Head of Support – recommends his favorite customer service reads this month. If you find something useful here, share it with your team!

How to look into your customers’ brains »

Besides listening, the best way to find out what your customers need is to ask the right questions. Find out how to look into your customers’ brains and tap into their emotional needs.

Why Anxious Customers Prefer Human Customer Service »

Funneling nervous customers to self-service technologies is not the best idea, especially in high-anxiety industries like finance or healthcare. Research by Harvard Business Review showed that knowing that we can chat with another person on a website, even if we don’t choose to do so, increases our sense of control and satisfaction.

Do angry customers get more money from customer service agents? New research »

How do your agents react to emotional cases? Do they give in to customer’s anger? Or maybe they’re more likely to compensate those who keep their emotions in check? The new research shows the intensity of customer’s anger, combined with the agents’ social position, influences the final outcome.


Episode #14

New ways to integrate with LiveChat

You probably know that LiveChat can be customized with apps in multiple ways. Yet, sometimes this topic can be a bit confusing. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide explaining it once and for all.

You’ll learn about our newest integration interfaces. You can now display embedded web apps fullscreen, right in the Agent App! You can also make use of Chat Actions to perform specific actions, for example, send a chat transcript. And if you’re building an app yourself, you’ll learn how to monetize and distribute it.

Check out our new guides and make the most of your LiveChat!

Master integration interfaces