Motivating/Incentives for Chat Agents

I’m interested if anyone provides incentives, contests or motivates their chat agents based on any of the reports provided?

Currently, my agents have a friendly contest each week to see who is the top rated agent. Winner gets the super fancy trophy- yes, we actually bought a trophy - on their desk for the week. It’s all in good fun, but it does get pretty competitive when it’s a close race! I find it also keeps them really motivated for those good ratings, and they take it quite personally (and discuss as a group any opportunity to improve) when they receive a bad rating.

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We financially incentivize thumbs ups - they get a $1 bonus per. We have taken some of our best agents to work on chat, since they are incredibly trustworthy, but being on chat means that they have less opportunity to gain sales commissions, so we had to make it financially worthwhile for them to move to chat. It really seems to motivate friendly and positive interactions with customers.


What do you do with thumbs downs? -1?

No, we haven’t found that to be necessary. 99% of the thumbs down are subjective (i.e. the customer is just not happy with an operational policy etc). We have very few that we can directly tie to poor customer service. We do review every thumbs down and coach the agent if needed.

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“We financially incentivize thumbs ups - they get a $1 bonus per.”
This way though, will result to a conflict.
The agent can simply ask some friends to use a vpn and chat with him daily, giving thumbs up for fun.
I believe its a nice idea but in practice can be not so good.

I would suggest that real Support agents should be motivated not for the money but for an achievement.
Live Chat can be part of that, by sending to the companies official certification that the Agent is recognized as “Hero”, “Super Hero” (Or any other title)
I mean to give some steps, like the youtube play button where Youtubers try to get the highest level.

This can be used in the CV of each Agent and will also boost the Live Chat Brand recognition.

Win Win with no actual cost.

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We have not had any issue with ‘cheating’ the system at this point. Like I mentioned - agents have to be selected for chat, this is already our cream-of-the-crop team - we trust them.

Let’s be honest, is anyone really motivated to achieve a intangible rating? While it may sound motivating, let’s remember that front line customer service staff are often in the lowest paying roles within an organization. We incentivize our team financially because they have moved from the phones to chat support where they have less opportunity to earn the sales commissions that we pay. We would have already been paying the commissions, so we feel that this is an investment in improving our customer experience.


Dear Cassie, my suggestion was more general, covering all type of business structures.
Not all companies work the way your does. There are agents that have the chat as an extra duty of their position while others indeed leave big opportunities to get involved with clients and be away from sales.
Your suggestion is good, but if we are going to be honest, we dont live in a fair world and especially as you mentioned, such positions indeed have low salaries. What would stop the agent who wants to earn some extra cash to use wrong path and fake the Thumbs up?

If whatever we do, we put the money ahead then we have already lost the game.
Check even the team of Live Chat. Do they do all these things for the money?
Do the outside users cooperate and share ideas for the extra $$? Of course not. Our motivation (I want to believe so) is the experience we get, the voice you have and the contribution you provide for a success.
This cannot be described in any currency.

So if I had the opportunity to get 100$ or to get a recognition for my efforts (Even a plain “Thank you, good job”), i would prefer to get the second.
If anyone would prefer the 100$, then I believe he is in the wrong business, because there are much better opportunities.

Let me just clarify again, your idea is perfect, but has some windows that can let agents to cheat and lose the interest, and no one can control the Ethical side of each agent.

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I have created a little incentive contest for my agents for the months of November and December. Each week there is a small prize (gift card to Starbucks, Subway, etc) for the agent who wins. Each week is a different goal, for example one week is highest chat satisfaction, another week is most time available for chats (as they all have multiple other duties they are sometimes tempted to log off for), another week is highest number of chats in one day and another week is highest number of chats for the whole week, and so on.

We’ve posted a calendar in the LiveChat room so everyone can see what each weeks prize and goal is. My chatters are super competitive, so they are really excited to start the competition and I’m looking forward to seeing the results!


This is very interesting and keeps the interest at high levels, all the time.
I do the same, only without telling the criteria of the winner.
In this way, agents do their best at all aspects of the service, without paying more attention to specific part.
@melissa.hannam is the Live Chat room & the calendar something within your company or it is available for the rest as well?


@georgek we have posted their incentive contest on a calendar in the LiveChat room. Anyone in our company is welcome in the room, in fact many staff and visitors from our other locations tend to visit that room first. The staff in there are always having fun, and in addition to the calendar, we have various goals and reports documented on all the windows that surround the room. It’s always interesting to see what targets and goals the chatters are striving for.

Yes, but where is that LiveChat room? Is it custom made from your company or anyone having LiveChat access can find it and make one for their own company?

It is an open office in our building. I have attached a copy of our calendar here for you. :grinning:


Great, many thanks for sharing.