A lot has been changing lately. Check out brand new Archives, modern look of chat widget and “Are you a human?” video series!


This month’s newsletter is all about novelty. I hope it’s like a breath of fresh air for you. We’ll talk about our brand new Archives section and the chat widget’s modern design.

We’re also happy to present our new YouTube series, called “Are you a human?” Why such a title? Because this is a question our Support Heroes get asked daily. In this educational (and funny!) series, we’ll bring you closer to secrets of being a Support Hero!

Brand new Archives

Archives – who doesn’t like having everything stored in one place? Such a time saver!

With Archives, you can check out previous conversations with a certain customer or look for patterns and repeating cases to simply improve your product. Reading Archives is also a great way of learning about the product for the new agents.

LiveChat Archives has a brand new look and is effortless to work with!

  • See all chats with a particular customer with just one click.
  • Set filters to meet more than one condition.
  • Tag chats as #support and #sales – and return results for both of them.

New chat widget

The new chat widget has also a new design and thanks to advanced customization options you can change its look without using any CSS/JavaScript.

New chat widget easily displays ChatBot rich messages – which include sending customized product cards with images and buttons. Say goodbye to the old look and switch to the new chat widget!

New video series

In this video, we’ve interviewed our Support Heroes about their first days at LiveChat: how they felt, what their funniest and most embarrassing moments were and whether their expectations matched reality.

It’s fun but let’s not forget – knowledge always comes first. Our Support Heroes also share helpful elements of their training. Enjoy, there’s more coming soon!

There is also news for the developers! We recently shipped a new Building Block for your apps: Chat Actions.

Use Chat Actions to quickly create a new lead, open your CRM or display some information in a modal. Every agent can access Chat Actions right in the chat context menu.

There is more to come! If you’re interested in getting the newest updates on LiveChat developers tools, hit us up on developers@livechatinc.com.