2019 Customer Service Report
We’re happy to present you the freshly published 2019 Customer Service Report! This report gives you an insight into the current state of customer service and shows the upcoming trends.
We’ve gathered data from 25k companies representing 19 industries using LiveChat. All in all, the report is based on 47.4 billion website visits, 437 million chats and 21 million tickets.
It explains customer expectations and the results you should aim to make customers happy. Find out what’s in it for you!
Olga Rogacka
Content Writer
Olga Rogacka
How the report can help your business
How the report can help your business
Comparing your scores to the global average or the average in your industry, tells you a lot about the condition of customer service in your company. Find out whether you’re doing a good job or you’re far behind others.
We also share a few interesting observations among industries and countries. We described the trend of retail industry for the upcoming years, and found out summer months are not so lazy anymore (at least for customer support agents).
We present conclusions and necessary steps to improve the overall performance.

Main metrics we considered
Main metrics we considered
The report is based on four metrics.

Customer satisfaction – the ratio of good customer rates to all customer rates (good and bad).

First response time – the time of a customer service agent’s reply to a first customer’s message.

Handle time – the amount of time it takes to finish a customer’s case.

Number of cases – chats and tickets that businesses handle.
Based on the metrics we show the trends and identify top performers. See if you’re one of them!
Advice from ecommerce experts and LiveChat customers
Advice from ecommerce experts and LiveChat customers
To help you improve your service, we asked ecommerce experts and top-performing LiveChat customers to share their insights and practices that worked for them.
Inside the report, you’ll find:
  • Advice on keeping customers happy in a long run from Jon Tucker (CEO at HelpFlow).
  • A case study of implementing a chat bot from Brian Vail (CE Support Agent at ProctorU).
  • A hint for setting up goals from Joe Bush (the Chat Shop Co-founder).
And many more, including comments and advice from Tracey Wallace (BigCommerce Editor), Kim Kadiyala (Partner Manager at Zapier), Shep Hyken (New York Times Bestselling Author).
LiveChat Community of Developers
Marketplace trends
Balance your business needs with the needs of your customer by investing in improvements.
Joe Bush, co-founder of the Chat Shop
This year’s Customer Service Report shows that many of you followed this advice and invested in the improvements. We’ve noticed a 4-time increase in the number of apps being installed!
It’s really important for us to constantly provide new ways of improving the Agents’ workspaces and their workflows. However, it’s not only apps that started to gain traction.
We see a rising trend of service marketplaces in all variety of industries. A bare-bone product is simply not enough to get to the hearts of customers. Read the report to learn what is!
Filip Jaskolski
Head of Developers Program
Filip Jaskolski
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