LiveChat Special Deals and Spotlight on Our Customers
Welcome to the end of this awesome year! This month, to warm the atmosphere, we’re sharing special deals with you! These are the deals from the best companies out there, to help you grow your business. Make sure to check them out!
We’ll also show you how to make your chat even more intuitive and get more responses from customers (rich messages are involved).
Additionally, we put some light on our customers inside the LiveChat’s Community.
Happy New Year and see you in January!
Olga Rogacka
Content Writer
Olga Rogacka
Special SaaS deals to help you grow your business
Special SaaS deals to help you grow your business
Our partners from B2B apps and services have some special offers for you! These are the best companies out there that will help you grow your business and deliver the service your customers dream of.
You have a lot to choose from! There’s Benchmark with 15% lifetime discount, Pipedrive with 25% off for 3 months or Hotjar that offers 90 days of the Business plan and many more!
PS You might want to integrate these apps with LiveChat, as they work better together (just saying).
Enjoy the deals and grow your business!

Enrich your chat and get more responses from customers
When integrated with ChatBot, you can send more personal and intuitive messages than just a plain text. With rich messages, that are the mix and match of text, images and buttons, you can show off your products inside your chat.
You’ll notice higher click-through rate and more responses from customers.
Learn more about rich messages and where exactly you can use them. The tutorial includes the video that explains everything in details.
The Community Highlight - Let’s learn from each other
The Community Highlight – Let’s learn from each other
You – our customers – create a big community of support agents and business owners. We think it would be great if you could learn from each others’ experience (everyone needs some help on how to deal with unwanted chats or how to motivate agents).
You’ve probably heard that we’ve published LiveChat Community – the place where we all can meet.
What’s new is that every month we’ll carry a short, but meaty interview with one of you – a Community member.
Our first interview is with Melissa Hannam, the Director of Marketing for Valley Driving School. Find out how she handles customer service in her company, how the Winner’s Trophy for the best agent looks like and many more.
LiveChat Community of Developers
What 2019 holds for us?
The future of online communication is not a single idea pushed by a single company.
It is a collection of concepts, constantly improved upon, by all of us, every day. At LiveChat we strive to help innovators in building this future.
We see our platform as a Framework for Innovation. We deliver tools and resources so innovators can focus on execution. We want to see new forms of communication, apps and products.
In 2019 we will drive the innovation. What are you up to?
Filip Jaskolski
Head of Developers Program
Filip Jaskolski
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