Hi, thinking about tweaks to your customer service? Get some inspiration from our Customer Service Report based on 27 billion website visits, 304 million chats, and 13 million tickets.


As you might have noticed, our amazing Olga has passed the monthly newsletters into my hands, and I am thrilled to be sending you my first!

We take every opportunity to remind you about the importance of customer service. With the interactive 2020 Customer Service Report, you can monitor the most important metrics and see how you stack up against competitors. On another note, we’re always trying to make our product better and better. A new bubble icon is a tiny but significant improvement. Also, we have some marketing lessons up our sleeve that we would love to share!

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Interactive 2020 Customer Service Report

This year, our Customer Service Report is interactive, customizable, and you can use it in many different ways. It’s based on data from 23,487 LiveChat customers, representing 30 industries, and 150 countries.

Filter the results by industry, company size, or country so you can adjust them to your specific needs. On top of that, you can compare your business to your competitors and look for potential areas to improve.

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We get that predefined dashboards might not always work for all of you. That’s why we switched to an interactive report this time around. Choose only the metrics that are valuable to you. Build upon what you’ve already created, or remove cards that are no longer relevant to your report. Post your dashboard on social media, or copy the link to share it with your team so you all stay on the same page.

See the managers’ dashboard

A bubble icon is a hugely important element on your website. At times, it might have gone unnoticed simply because of how small it was. We’ve made some adjustments to make your bubble icon pop. The improved version moves as soon as you hover over it, letting your customers know it’s interactive.

With this small change, your Chat Widget will always be visible!

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Tips from our teammates

Following up on our January tips, we’re coming back with more advice from our colleagues. Our CCO, Maciej, has a lot to say about different aspects of leadership and his desire to empower people, while our Customer Success Manager, Kuba, shares his views on why it’s crucial to build trust with your customers.

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It feels like it was just yesterday, but time flies and the Super Bowl was almost a month ago! The big game’s commercials were discussed across the web as widely as ever. Regardless of whether we liked an ad or not, this time, we tried to look at all of them from a slightly different angle. Take a look at five marketing lessons we can all learn from.

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Rich messages are powerful. They can transform a mediocre chat into an engaging experience. That’s why we love them. With Rich Messages Configurator, a brand new integration, working with them is even faster.

The app is based on two core functionalities: creating custom rich messages and sending them. The integration comes with an intuitive configurator for setting up your own rich messages. Later, you can share them with your team or use them privately. For your convenience, the app is located in the message box, so sending a card or carousel is just a matter of three clicks.

Whether you run an online shop or offer services, you can use the power of rich messages to engage customers and boost your business.

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