With the end of the year, all that comes to mind are summaries (check out a blog post summarizing changes in the Reports), and all the things we can do to make the coming year even more efficient (how about integrating with ChatBot?).

In pursuing all of that, think about adding something funny to your communication. For example, animated GIFs in your chats – because who doesn’t love those? You can also go personal – that’s what we actually did in our newest video. Check it out!

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Chatbots and agents working well together

We’ve clearly laid out the integration between LiveChat and ChatBot – creating chatbots fast with templates, no coding required, and connecting with just a few clicks. Make your agents even better by adding AI chatbots to your team.

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Whether you decided to connect with ChatBot or not, you may want to check out these step-by-step lessons to start using it. Learn how ChatBot works, how it can showcase your product, and many more. If you think it’s hard, no worries, it only sounds like it.

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What’s new in Reports?

You might have noticed, that we moved things around in the Reports section. We made it easier for you to find specific types of information. For example, in the agent category, you will see all the reports that help you manage your team’s performance.

See the summary of what’s changed and what’s coming soon!

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More of everything: new customers, awesome people working with us, integrations, and exciting features. Yes, we’re growing, and we do our best to help you connect with customers! I’m not gonna say more, except maybe… thank you!

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Have you ever struggled to find the right words and wished you could show your feelings instead? It happens to everyone, even those of those that usually juggle verbs and nouns with grace.

What if we told you that, from now on, you can share your thoughts with animated GIFs? The Tenor GIF Keyboard integration helps you convey a message in an amusing and engaging way. Your agents can choose from a variety of GIFs and videos, transforming the whole chatting experience.

The integration is located in the Message Box, so the GIF keyboard is always at hand. Check out this free app, and give your customers a good reason to laugh!

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