The end of the year seems to be a perfect time to put the spotlight on customer experience. Next month, we’ll all probably get back to chasing our new goals. Before we do, let’s focus on getting better in every client interaction. We’ll start from the discussion on better ways of saying „no” to customers. Then, we’ll go through the common situations where we get tripped up, and forget about our manners.

And to keep it positive, how about adding something funny and personalized to your communication on chat – GIFs – because who doesn’t love those? And we’ll finish this year, and this email, the right way – by saying “Thank you!”


The best ways of saying “no” to customers

Saying “no” is a hard thing to do with friends and family, but saying “no” to customers is even harder sometimes. When they don’t accept your answer, you may have to deal with their anger or even handle negative comments on social media.

Join the discussion, to see the best practices of communicating refusal to customers.

Join the discussion

During their whole lifecycle, customers have many touchpoints with a brand. And every interaction is important, since it influences their overall experience.

Check out how to improve the customer experience at the most popular touchpoints with your brand.

Improve customer experience
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Use awesome GIFs in your chat

What if we told you that, from now on, you can share your thoughts with animated GIFs on chat? The Tenor GIF Keyboard integration helps you convey a message in an amusing and engaging way. Choose from a variety of GIFs and videos, transforming the whole chatting experience.

The integration is located in the Message Box, so the GIF keyboard is always at hand. Check out this free app, and give your customers a good reason to laugh!

Check the app

New customers, more awesome people on board, an increased number of integrations, and exciting features. Yes, we’re growing, and we do our best to help you connect with customers efficiently! I’m not gonna say more, maybe just… thank you!

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