Hi, by excluding traffic from specific IPs and personalizing the customers list view, your agents can better focus on solving support cases.


We’ve always valued your feedback and wanted to meet your needs with new features – hence more product updates you’ve been waiting for. We also strive to create a product you’ll simply love to use. And what better proof of that, than winning GetApp Category Leader – for another year in a row! Your reviews played a big part in it, so thank you! And now let’s get down to business – news, changes, and all things LiveChat.

What's new for you

Exclude traffic from specific IP addresses and bots

You can now keep your customers list clean! With our newest feature, your agents will be able to exclude traffic from:

  • Specific IP addresses (including your own, internal traffic)
  • Web crawlers and bots

It means no more unnecessary bots and people from your internal IP address on the customers list. Customer service agents will be able to focus more on providing better service. To activate this feature, click + Add filter at the top of the customers list and choose the “Web crawlers” or “IP addresses” option.

You can also personalize your customers list view by changing the width of its columns.

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Last year, we created HelpDesk – a new tool designed to manage your email communication with customers. We’re happy to let you know that HelpDesk and LiveChat are now tightly integrated! The cool thing is that HelpDesk also includes all your favorite features from the LiveChat app.

After adding HelpDesk, you won’t have to switch between the apps and your mailbox anymore. But we won’t stop there – we have a dedicated team working full-time to bring more awesome features to HelpDesk!

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Why you should build a community

The way brands communicate with people has been constantly changing over the last decade. One of the reasons is that they started embracing community building. Check out our newest blog post featuring community experts from Quora and Buffer and learn why building a community is crucial for your brand!

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Best Live Chat Software of 2019 – that’s us!

Each year, GetApp ranks the leading business apps inside their most popular categories to help you tackle software selection. We’re happy to let you know that LiveChat took the first place in the Live Chat Software category. One of the key factors in this ranking are customers’ reviews, so we want you to thank you for your trust! Great proof that we’re both in good company! Let’s keep it going!

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I loved sending you emails for the last 5 years. 50 emails, to be precise. Teaching you about our product in an easy way was always our goal, and that will never change. However, from now on, my new teammate will be appearing in your inbox every month. His name is Kuba and I’m sure he’ll do just as nice.

As for me, I’m working on a new and exciting project at LiveChat. I’m sure you’ll hear about it! In the meantime, I would love to stay in touch! Hit me up at: o.rogacka@livechatinc.com


Usually, it’s us sharing the news from LiveChat. This time, we’d like to switch roles and hear from you. The question is:

if you could wish for one integration available on the LiveChat Marketplace, what would it be?

If you’re not familiar with what’s on our Marketplace, take a moment to check out what we offer.

Vote for an app from the list below or share your idea with us via email. Don’t be shy. Help us meet your needs.

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