The upcoming season might mean more chats, more questions, more patience. In this busy time, there’s a set of skills you should master.


For a customer service agent, the upcoming holiday season might mean more chats, more questions, more… patience. During this busy time, there’s a set of skills you should master. Now, they’re more useful than ever. As for LiveChat, you can now use the greetings report, find out which greetings generate the most chats, and which need more tweaking.


5 good customer service skills for the holiday season

During certain periods, some skills are more required than ever. So fast typing, prioritization, and teamwork are in even higher demand. Read what other skills you need and how to master them to achieve the best results.

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Let’s make sure that you get the most out of this season with the right tools, plans, and tips. Check out our video series that includes:

  • preparing your site for mobile visitors (50% of sales done through the season are done with a mobile phone),
  • boosting your online store presence,
  • automating processes to help customer service agents and more!
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Combined with Black Friday, Cyber Monday kicks off what is expected to be a trillion dollar holiday shopping season. This year, Cyber Monday is supposed to set new records and become the busiest online shopping day of the holiday season. Get ready for it!

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Increase your greetings conversion rate

We’ve added a data breakdown to the greetings conversion report. All greetings are displayed in a table with information about the conversion rate and the number of chats. Now, it’s easier to decide which greeting needs some tweaking to bring more chats. How cool is this?

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