From Basic Chat Features to Support Heroes
I was wondering if you’re still having a cold sweat when getting an “incoming chat?” I realize the pressure of achieving high customer satisfaction might be stressful.
No worries, you got this!
Watch the video with basic chatting features to know you’re using LiveChat’s potential. Learn how to divide agents into groups to help them adapt. Additional, to inspire your actions, read our customer’s story from games and gambling industry, and how they won big thanks to LiveChat.
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Olga Kolodynska
Content Writer
Olga Kolodynska

Basic Chatting Features Explained
Basic Chatting
Features Explained
Have you ever wondered if you use LiveChat’s potential? This 1 minute explainer video shows basic LiveChat features in action. See how to use them and how they can benefit your business.

Support Heroes in Progress
Support Heroes in
Some agents still have a cold sweat when they get an inquiry from a new visitor? You can now change the priority of assembling chats.
Divide your agents into groups. Primary group – for core agents of your team, who always should get the chats first. And Secondary group – for agents who fill in as backup when there’s a call to arms or for newcomers who are still learning the ropes.

See How Kinguin - Digital Games Marketplace - Uses LiveChat to Communicate
See How Kinguin – Digital Games Marketplace – Uses LiveChat to Communicate
LiveChat is Kinguin’s first point of contact with customers and its Support Heroes are able to achieve 97% of customer satisfaction.
Read about the moments they’re winning big thanks to LiveChat.
Agent App Widgets
Back in 2009 Apple took over the market with the following words: “There is an app for that.” We like to think the same about our Marketplace of Apps and Experts.
Filip Jaskolski
Head of Developers Program
Filip Jaskolski

Improve your life with apps
Some say that there are 200M of companies worldwide. We believe that every one of them has very specific needs when it comes to the customer service.
We’re bringing more Apps and Experts to the Marketplace, so you and your team can easily design the most efficient workflows.
Automate your jobs with or Zapier. Work smarter with BotEngine chatbots. Connect LiveChat with CRMs of your choice to boost your sales.
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