The Safety of Customers’ Data on Chat - GDPR
One of the crucial things in customer service is to make your customers feel safe about their data. When they’re writing on chat and share personal information, you need to make them rest assure that they have control over their data.
The General Data Protection Regulation (the EU’s new data privacy law) applies from 25th of May, 2018 and it affects all business that process personal data of the EU citizens – even if your HQ is located in the outer space.
At LiveChat, we’re ready and compliant with this law and so should you. What else do you need to know?
Olga Kolodynska
Content Writer
Olga Kolodynska

Is Your Chat Window Already GDPR Compliant?
Is Your Chat Window Already GDPR Compliant?
If the GDPR applies to your business, you may need to make some changes to your chat window.
If you haven’t already done it, here’s a short article that will help you make your chat window GDPR compliant.

Benefits of GDPR for companies and customers
Benefits of GDPR for Companies and Customers
GDPR’s goal is to strengthen data protection for all EU citizens. It’s beneficial for both parties: companies and customers.
Our content writer, Justyna, in simple words explains why GDPR is so important and why you should be positive about the changes!

In Case You Need More Information about GDPR…
In Case You Need More Information about GDPR…
Our team prepared a website dedicated to the most common questions about GDPR.
After reading it, everything should become clear but if you’ll still have any questions, our Support Heroes are waiting for you on chat!
Describe Your Perfect App
We’ve seen amazing use cases of LiveChat software: engaging mods of the Chat Window, specific customizations and automation systems. I’d love to know: what is your idea to make LiveChat better?
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Filip Jaskolski

Describe your perfect app
The Marketplace
Product teams at LiveChat often ask themselves the following questions: How can we improve that feature? Is there a way to simplify that process? Can we come up with a more convenient solution?
We run Developers Program to find the best answers. We provide tools for developers so they can build all variety of apps, services and solutions on top of LiveChat eco-system.
We’d love to hear what would be your perfect app. What would you like to see automated, fixed or rebuild from the ground up? Send us your ideas at!
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