Hi. LiveChat Accounts changes the way you manage all of our products. We’re beginning with the LiveChat Accounts sign-in page.


As you probably know, our company has more tools than just LiveChat. We want to make it easier for you to manage them all. The first step is a new LiveChat Accounts page available for the LiveChat product. Speaking of our other tools, I’m happy to present you with the 2020 Chatbot Guide on behalf of the ChatBot team. Find out all you need to know to get the most out of chatbots for your business.

LiveChat Accounts is a new way to log in to LiveChat

With the number of customers using ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase constantly growing, we wanted to provide our customers with the best customer experience there is. We’re introducing LiveChat Accounts. Ultimately, LiveChat Accounts will enable our customers to log in to all of our products with the same login. We are beginning by introducing the LiveChat Accounts sign-in page to our LiveChat customers. HelpDesk, ChatBot, and KnowledgeBase will follow suit soon.

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Up until now, you could only display one greeting per session. Enter multiple greetings. From now on, you can add more greetings. The order of the displayed greetings depends on the order of the greeting criteria a user meets. You’ll be able to send a few different greetings to a user depending on which websites they land on, for instance. It gets even better when you realize that multiple greetings help you kill two birds with one stone by displaying different greetings for different purposes to a single user.

On top of that, we’re enabling you to be able to add a message input to a rich greeting. A customer will now have the opportunity to send a message to you directly from a greeting without needing to move to a chat widget. According to our research, using the message input increased the number of chats by 10%.

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We’ve revamped ChatBot’s Visual Builder to let you build robust chatbots your way quicker and easier. The new interface allows you to see even the most complex chatbot Stories on a single screen and gives you more control over the building process.

We’ve added a few new features and would like you to test them and tell us what you think. Try out the new ChatBot Visual Builder before it’s released, and tell us how we can make it better for you.

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The 2020 ChatBot Guide

Technological progress has radically changed the way people communicate. Face-to-face interactions have been largely replaced by online messaging. This has forced businesses to adapt to a new type of communication. To achieve success, brands need to provide a seamless journey for buyers. They need to respond to customer questions around the clock and across multiple channels.

Since 2016, when Facebook opened Messenger for chatbots, chatbots have been widely adopted by brands. Everybody is now talking about chatbots and their value to businesses. But, what exactly are chatbots, and why have they become so important? In this guide, you’ll find answers to these questions and learn what makes chatbots significant.

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Online communication is a big part of our lives, and it shouldn’t be surprising that it sometimes causes confusion. Body language and nonverbal signals are replaced by emoticons and gifs. And what about when someone is not using emoticons? They have to be angry, right? It all makes it easy to jump into the trap of “what do they mean.”

Let’s try to be more thoughtful of others and be clear with our own messages. Give people the benefit of the doubt, and if you’re not sure of something, just ask them. Ask them what they mean, and ask them if everything is OK. Understand that all people have different ways of formulating their thoughts.

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Be it a difficult customer support case or an important sales partner, having a robust voice solution will always come in handy. If that’s something you can relate to, make sure you check out SnapCall, the first call-from-chat solution which is now available on the LiveChat Marketplace.

The SnapCall integration allows your team to call customers directly from the chat. It’s free of charge for all your customers, anywhere in the world.

To get you started, all you need to do is install the app, allow microphone usage on your device, and send a call widget to the customer. You don’t have to worry about confidentiality because neither you nor the customers share their phone number.

After the conversation, you can browse and export call history as well as analyze the statistics. So, what do you say?

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