How to see if LiveChat helps your business? Look closer at the numbers. Get a Weekly Summary straight to your inbox and visit the redesigned Reports.


To make sure LiveChat helps your business as much as possible, take a closer look at the numbers. Find out the level of customer satisfaction (is it growing?), or the number of greetings that converted (what greetings?).

Check out the redesigned Reports section with all the important metrics at a glance. It’s time to measure and improve guys!


Redesigned Reports and new features

Besides the new, better look of the Reports section, we’ve added a few long-requested features!

  • Look for trends with period comparison! – Compare the current data to preceding time periods. Does your customer satisfaction increase or decrease?
  • Use heatmaps for efficient planning! – See when you get the most chats during the week and throughout the day to plan your agents’ shifts accordingly.
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Use Reports to plan your customer service

Managing is not about bossing people around (but you already know that). It’s mainly about planning your team’s work and unlocking its full potential.

It’s like you were a soccer coach planning your team’s tactic. Read what steps you should take in the LiveChat app to plan your customer service.

Use reports to plan

How to organize your knowledge?

What happens when your agents don’t know the answers to customers’ challenging questions? Besides facing a small panic attack, they nervously look for the answers. Will they find them? Depends on how you organize your product knowledge.

See how we organize knowledge at LiveChat and try to follow our example!

I want to KNOW


Jacob – our Data Analyst – prepared a few interesting facts and numbers on greetings in LiveChat (automated invitations to chat). See why they are worth giving a try and how to set them best!

  • The top 10 greetings sent by US companies are responsible for generating 10% of all the US chats.
  • In this group, there are greetings that have low conversion but reach loads of customers and greetings that reach fewer people but get up to 16% conversion rates.
  • Half of the top 10 greetings are not triggered immediately – they are set to be displayed from 45 to 100 sec after a customer enters the website.
  • Greetings set for customers who have already seen multiple pages generate on average 153% more chats, than other greeting types.

Here’s a handy tip for a high-converting greeting:

Check how long customers spend on your website on average (you can use Google Analytics). Then set up a greeting using the time on the page condition, around 20 sec before they tend to leave. See how it works and create more greetings with time.


Episode #15

Integration with the Message Box ready for use

We’re proud to share another integration interface in the Agent App Message Box. It may seem inconspicuous, but don’t underestimate it. It can help you create powerful integrations such as the one with Dropbox.

You could also use it to enrich your chats with some gifs. Check out the MessageBox chapter in Building LiveChat Apps to find out more!

Those who sell their apps on our Marketplace can now look up their revenue in Developers Console. There’s a new tab My Revenue, which displays the current account balance. With this improvement, keeping track of one’s earnings and requesting money withdrawals is no trouble.

Read about MessageBox

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