You’re a master of answering customer questions. But there’s one important question that probably bothers you every day.


As a live chat agent, you’re a master of answering customer questions. But there’s one important question that probably bothers you every day. What’s for dinner? How to keep a positive attitude on chat?

To answer that, our Support Heroes come to the rescue! They have tricks on how to stay upbeat as long as possible. After all, they handle 35k chats monthly, so they know their thing.

Let’s start with eliminating the word “no” and create some positive phrases you can use instead.


Positive phrases to use in customer service

When people hear the word “no”, their brain produces dozens of stress hormones. In customer service (and marriage), it’s best to avoid that word.

To communicate in a positive way, we need to learn to think positive first! Check out the post, which will help you perceive difficult situations in customer service in a better way and create positive thoughts and phrases.

Change “I can’t” into “I can learn to solve this”!

Positive communication

It’s not easy to stay positive when people on chat are “caps locking” and blaming you for everything that’s not working on their end.

Watch a short movie by our Support Heroes sharing their favorite trick to stay upbeat. With handling 35k chats monthly, you can trust them on that.

PS Remember, all Support Heroes sometimes lose patience (do not blame yourself!). This video shows you what to aim for.

Watch the video

Redesigned Reports and new features

Track your LiveChat performance. With the new, clearer look of the Reports section and long-requested features, it’s much easier!

  • Look for trends with period comparison! – Compare the current data to preceding time periods. Check if customer satisfaction rises and go ask for that raise!
  • Use heatmaps to get ready for more chats! – See when you get the most chats during the week and throughout the day. Better plan your break at work sooner!
Find out more

Check your availability on chat

See how long you and your teammates were available on chat!

In the Reports section, click “Chat availability”, choose a particular date, and an agent to see the results. Knock knock! Who’s there on chat all the time?

Check availability


Jacob – our Data Analyst – prepared a few interesting facts and numbers on greetings in LiveChat (automated invitations to chat). See why they are worth giving a try and how to set them best!

  • The top 10 greetings sent by US companies are responsible for generating 10% of all the US chats.
  • In this group, there are greetings that have low conversion but reach loads of customers and greetings that reach fewer people but get up to 16% conversion rates.
  • Half of the top 10 greetings are not triggered immediately – they are set to be displayed from 45 to 100 sec after a customer enters the website.
  • Greetings set for customers who have already seen multiple pages generate on average 153% more chats, than other greeting types.

Here’s a handy tip for a high-converting greeting:

Check how long customers spend on your website on average (you can use Google Analytics). Then set up a greeting using the time on the page condition, around 20 sec before they tend to leave. See how it works and create more greetings with time.


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