A new playful design, reworked content, and everything explained easily. Visit our refreshed Knowledge Base, which was renamed to Help Center.


We strive to make our product and communication clear and simple. Are we doing a good job?

Visit our refreshed Knowledge Base, which was renamed to Help Center. It has a new playful design, reworked content, and everything is explained easily. Everything? Well, probably not, we still want to get questions on chat from you! Reach out whenever you need, and in the meantime – check out what’s new!


Refreshed Help Center

Our Knowledge Base is called Help Center now. The searching functionality was improved, so now your can find proper articles no matter what page you are on. Visual changes and new features, like the table of contents, make our help articles easier to read, skim, and allow you to learn quickly.

See the Help Center


From now on, you’ll get the Weekly Summary of everything that’s happening in your LiveChat. This one email shows your team’s performance updates, numbers of chats, conversions, and more!

You’ll see how LiveChat impacts your business without entering the app.

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Features in LiveChat you simply can’t miss

Sometimes, we don’t realize the awesome features of the products we use. I described the basic LiveChat features your agents should use. Without them, it’s as if they didn’t experience the basic magic of our tool! Help them!

LiveChat magic features

We have over 250 articles in our Help Center. Alicja, who is in charge of all the help resources, shares what tools she uses in her daily work.


“Airtable is called the ‘spreadsheet of the future’ for a reason. With its help, I make sure that articles are updated regularly. It’s also invaluable when a lot of people work on help content – you can easily figure out who’s doing what.”


“Notion is perfect for taking notes, writing drafts, tracking projects, and so on. Everything is in one place, so no more ‘Where did I save it?’ question.”


“When you’re creating a tutorial, you want to make sure that your how-to article isn’t turning into another Ulysses. Hemingway highlights lengthy sentences and words taken straight from your master’s thesis, so you can change them to something easier to digest.”


“Screenshots are my best friends, sometimes I take 50 a day. With Monosnap, you can either save screenshots to your computer or quickly share them with your team or customers.”



Episode #16

All about design

If you’ve recently visited our Marketplace, you might have noticed its new look & feel. We encourage you to give it a go and play with the refreshed layout. Make sure to get back to us with your feedback!

Here’s a little treat for developers who want their apps to be in line with the LiveChat style. You could try to get that LiveChat vibe on your own, but why not use a little help? With the Design System we’ve recently launched, building app interfaces is fast and effortless. Try out the set of ready-to-use React components and CSS stylesheets, and let us know what you think!

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