Every day you try to explain things to customers clearly. We aim to do that as well. Are we doing a good job? Visit our new Help Center and find out.


Visit our refreshed Knowledge Base – it’s called Help Center now. It has a new playful design, reworked content, and everything is explained clearly. Just in case it’s not, we’re available on chat 24/7!



9 mistakes you’re making in your live chat support

Sometimes you routinely make the same mistakes in your live chat support. For example, making the customer work too hard by asking them for too much details upfront. See the top fails you might be making and how you can fix them.

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There are a lot of things you have to learn at the beginning of your job as a Support Hero. And then, you need to make sure you constantly have updated information. See how our LiveChat Support Heroes handle it!

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Redesigned Help Center

Our Knowledge Base is called Help Center now. It has a new playful design and improved search, allowing you to find proper articles no matter what webpage you’re looking at. Reworked content and a table of contents make it easy to read, skip and find what you need. Let’s hope you find answers quick!

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We have over 250 articles in our Help Center. Alicja, who is in charge of all the help resources, shares what tools she uses in her daily work.


“With that much content, I need to have everything neatly organized in a spreadsheet. Airtable helps me make sure that articles stay up-to-date. It’s also a fantastic tool for collaboration—just one glance and you know who’s doing what.”


“A writer needs to write. Notion is perfect for taking notes (when you need to talk to an expert who will explain how something works), writing drafts, tracking projects, and so on. Everything is in one place, so no more ‘Where did I save it?’ question.”


“When you’re creating a tutorial, you want to make sure that your how-to article isn’t turning into another Ulysses. Hemingway highlights lengthy sentences and words taken straight from your master’s thesis, so you can change them to something easier to understand.”


“Screenshots are my best friends, sometimes I take 50 a day. With Monosnap, you can either save screenshots to your computer or quickly share them with your teammates and customers.”


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