It’s time for
a change

Introducing a new visual identity for LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase

Meet our family of products

You may not know it, but LiveChat, ChatBot, HelpDesk, and KnowledgeBase are all made under one roof. Since 2002, we’ve developed many products to help businesses better communicate from first contact through marketing, sales and support.

We’re not the one-product company we were in 2002. So, we decided to create a common design language to emphasize compatibility between our products and to show that all are made by one team.

Meet our family of products

LiveChat logo

Powerful customer service software that meets the customer communication needs of modern companies, large and small. Easy to implement, customize and rebrand, LiveChat is more than a simple chat window.

ChatBot logo

An all-in-one platform to create, deploy, and track chatbots across channels. Automate key tasks right away by creating multipurpose chatbots with diverse templates and a visual builder.

HelpDesk logo

An easy-to-use ticketing system for managing email communication with customers. Convert messages into tickets you can store and track in one place. Save your support agents’ time and boost their productivity.

KnowledgeBase logo

The best place to manage and share your team’s internal knowledge also works as a public help center for your customers. Help answer customer questions with AI-suggested articles that your team can share in chats.


Behind the scenes

Read more about how and why we made this big visual change in an article by our Chief Creative Officer.

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