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Sell more with LiveChat
Don’t leave sales on your website up to chance! You’d be surprised how many visitors abandon full carts just before the checkout.
We’ve prepared 3 quick tips to help you spot those visitors and guide them to a sale before they leave.
For more helpful information, check the “How to sell with LiveChat” ebook prepared by Jacob Firuta, our customer success manager.
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Get leads with greetings
Don’t wait for your customers to initiate a chat. Sending chat invitations at the right time will help you get new leads and secure more orders.
Measure your success
With LiveChat there is no need to guess how much you earn from it. See which chats end with a sale by setting up goals.
See webinar about selling with LiveChat
Treating every customer in the same way won’t cut it. Get much better results with personal approach. Learn more about helpful sales tactics from our sales webinar.
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How to sell with LiveChat
Ebook: How to Sell with LiveChat
If you’re looking for a definitive guide on selling with LiveChat, you simply have to check out our ebook. It will show you the entire process – from engaging new customers to measuring your effectiveness.
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