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64% of respondents to the Holiday Consumer Survey said that they’d spend more online than they did last year. This means that agents that already had their hands full during the previous holiday seasons will now have to deal with even more chats. We’re about to experience a massive shift to ecommerce even though customers say they plan to spend nearly $100 less than last year overall.

Still, there is a way to get your business ready so that the seasonal rush won’t bother you that much. Marta, our content marketer, made a few special gifts for you. Our guide and a checklist with 153 ecommerce tips to boost customer experience will get your ecommerce store ready for any shopping turbulence during the holiday season and beyond.

90% of brands somewhat or strongly believe they provide customer satisfaction high enough to drive loyalty. Consumers disagree. Who would’ve thought? 41% of consumers say only three or fewer brands provide a high level of customer satisfaction.

Provide exquisite customer experience, and see your sales skyrocket. Provide poor CX, and see your competitors flourish. In her guide, Marta meanders through the world of CX and shows you how to provide an experience that will make customers stick to your brand.

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Apart from the guide above, Marta prepared the ultimate checklist for any and every ecommerce store to optimize their customer service.

She walks you through five different stages of the customer life cycle that includes awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, and advocacy.

Go stage by stage, step by step, or pick and choose the points that suit you the most.

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It shouldn’t surprise you that the holiday season drives 28% more traffic to online stores. This impacts the support needed for the customers at your online store. If you fail to deliver, customers will likely buy from another online store that has better service.

Increased customer support efforts have a significant impact on businesses focused on providing individual service. Read more to learn how to make things work the best during the holiday season.

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COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down, and the shopping experience isn’t an exception. While online holiday shopping has been steadily on the rise for years, it’s probably going to reach new heights this year.

Many people who’d typically go to overcrowded shopping malls will now likely take advantage of ecommerce websites and search for those perfect Christmas gifts online. More demand for online shopping obviously means more work for customer service agents.

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Our guide to the seasonal ecommerce rush focuses on five stages: awareness, consideration, purchase, retention, and advocacy. While customer appreciation can be a vital part of the advocacy stage, in this article, I focused on how it can help you retain your customers.

Take a look at these seven ideas that will show your customers that you genuinely care about them.

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Long hours and dealing with customers in a shopping frenzy can result in a heavy drop in your customer satisfaction levels. But you probably want those holiday shoppers to become loyal customers and come back next year.

How can you do that while still handling the never-ending storm of chats, emails, and calls? The answer is chatbots.

Why chatbots?


Our Marketplace features Microsoft Dynamics Cases, a highly requested integration. If your business uses Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service, it’s probably old news for you. But, if for some reason you missed that info, keep reading to learn more.

The app connects your contact base from Microsoft Dynamics, mapping customers by their email. The most important contact info is displayed in the Details section of the Agent Application so that your agent always have it at hand. What’s more, you can search and edit contacts as well as manage cases right in the LiveChat Agent Application.

You can test out the app on a 7-day trial.

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